How to Apply Marie Kondo’s KonMari Method to Senior Living Content Marketing | Part 3 of 3

You’ve likely felt conflicted about purging certain objects while trying to tidy and de-clutter your home for the summer. Whether it’s your grown daughter’s infant clothes or a stack of dust-covered, dog eared magazines, we can all agree that it’s difficult to determine what to keep versus what to discard.

Through the “KonMari Method, the tidying guru Marie Kondo helps us understand which objects should be kept because they “spark joy” and honors the difficult process of letting go of possessions that create clutter.

If your community has followed along in Part 1 and Part 2, it learned how to apply the KonMari Method for effective content marketing by auditing/decluttering content by category and discovered the pieces of content that spark joy by leveraging Google Analytics and Google Search Console.

Now, what do senior living communities do with the content that no longer sparks joy? Do we simply delete the content from the website, or is there a way to make a piece of content spark joy with audiences once again?

Today, we’re helping your community mindfully discard and/or transform content that has served its purpose while adhering to the teachings of Marie Kondo. In the final installment in this series, you’ll learn:

  • Two approaches to effective content marketing that senior living marketing teams can take to remove or improve content no longer sparking joy from audiences.

Step #3: Mindfully Discard Underperforming Pieces of Content and Optimize Content with Potential

Arguably the most profound aspect in the KonMari Method involves the ritual of thanking items that no longer spark joy for their time in ones’ life before mindfully discarding them. In practice, this “mindful discarding” takes the form of donating excess belongings to Goodwill or the Salvation Army.

Concerning the tidying process with your community’s content, there isn’t an exact application for the expression ‘A place for everything and everything in its place’. Based on the KPIs your team is tracking and measuring in Google Analytics and Google Search Console, it objectively knows which pieces are underperforming.

Content worthy of deletion that isn’t sparking joy will yield low page views, clicks, impressions, won’t contribute to conversions, produce social engagement etc. based on how your team originally categorized it in step 1. However; your team may discover well-written pieces of content that for whatever reason didn’t initially spark joy.

Approach #1: Optimize and Update Content with Potential

Marie Kondo advises that people physically hold each object and pay attention to the emotional stimulus your body has when holding that object. If you feel your mood lighten, it sparks joy and should be kept. If you’re unsure or hesitant after holding that object, it’s likely that object doesn’t spark joy.

Your senior living marketing team doesn’t need to physically print out blog posts to mimic this crucial component in the KonMari Method. Simply compile your underperforming content into a list. Now, before deleting this content from your site, take the time to read each piece.

Taking the additional time to read each piece of content before deciding to delete it is in essence “thanking it” for its time on your website. Your team can also ask itself some check questions to help understand why a specific piece of content missed the mark with audiences and whether it’s worth updating:

  • Does this piece of content represent and/or embody our community’s philosophy to resident care?
  • Do I feel more informed and educated after reading this piece of content?
  • Does this content try to connect with the person reading it in a meaningful way?

If the content in question doesn’t attempt to address at least two of the three questions, your senior living marketing team can delete it from your website. In the instance that the content does attempt to answer these questions, your writers can perform updates with a mindful mentality, clear objective and purpose. Additionally, it can optimize these newly-revised posts with updated terminology and include a variety of keywords not previously in the content. The keyword variations will help this revised content be more SEO friendly and accessible.

Approach #2: Amplify Updated and Optimized Content with a Paid Budget

To ensure that your recently optimized and updated content is discovered, your senior living marketing team could amplify it with a paid budget. Paid platforms provide granular targeting options and depending on the topic, could provide the boost in visibility needed to spark joy from your audience.

This is true whether your team promotes content on social media, a Google Ad or programmatic display. Communities can amplify and extend content to prospective residents and ACIs using native content advertising, recently covered in our Programmatic Display Guide for senior living.

When your community applies a paid budget to content, it’s creating an opportunity for engagement. If a prospect clicks on a sponsored piece of content and finds that content valuable, that individual will be more likely to click to deeper areas of your website. Through a strategic paid media strategy, not only will your community give previously written content new life, it can produce more effective content marketing based on the data obtained and applied to future campaigns.

Contact Our Team if Your Team Needs Additional Help Tidying its Content

After applying the tenets of Marie Kondo’s decluttering and organizing philosophies to your content, your community will gain invaluable insight to help it create unique and meaningful experiences that spark joy with audiences. These experiences will keep your prospective residents and ACIs returning to your website, which will lead to an increase in calls, visits and move-in ready residents.

If your community needs assistance properly organizing, auditing, or optimizing existing pieces of content, contact us. We’ll help your organization tidy its content offerings taking ample inspiration from the KonMari method.

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