Explainer Videos and Corporate Videos: Video Marketing Options for Senior Living Providers

No other media captures sight, sound, motion and emotion better than video. Depending on what your community is trying to accomplish, some situations will lend themselves better for shorter, punchier videos compared to deeper dives that show the expanse of a senior living community’s offerings.

Whether it’s in the form of a utility-oriented explainer video or a more expansive corporate video, the goal of video marketing is the same – to inform, educate and entertain. Marketing videos form a connection between the brand and the audience and give people a sense of what life is like at a community, even though that individual isn’t there.

During Covid-19, senior living providers are increasing their investments in marketing technology (MarTech) like video marketing. Videos create engaging experiences for prospective residents and ACIs who are sheltering at home and now learn predominantly online.

So, what are the main differences and distinctions between a short explainer video/informational video vignette and a corporate video? We provide insight into that question below. Continue reading to learn:

  • The differences between explainer videos/informational video vignettes and corporate videos

Main Differences Between Explainer Videos and Corporate Videos

Let’s break down the key differences between explainer videos and corporate videos to help your team determine which type of video will be the most appropriate for your senior living video marketing goals.

What are Explainer Video/Informational Video Vignettes?

  • Shorter in length, usually between 60 and 90 seconds
  • More fact-based and focused on explaining specific care options
  • Created to educate audiences
  • Lower production costs
  • Can be produced quickly and efficiently with the right tool
  • Frequently utilized to repurpose pre-existing pieces of content
  • Drives interest to additional resources on a website and more video content

Explainer videos follow a short, simple, easy to understand and accessible format for audiences. This makes these videos consumable and easy to watch upon repeat viewings. They are created for both net-new website visitors and prospects that are already familiar with your offerings but are still yearning to learn more.

This is why you’ll often see explainer videos repurposed from top performing blog posts or other pieces of content to encourage prospective residents to click to deeper pages of a website. When shared across social channels and on a website, senior living marketing teams have an asset that can engage with prospective residents a multitude of ways. Explainer videos can be produced at a fraction of the cost of a corporate video and can be scaled across organizations, making them an asset for senior living marketing teams during Covid-19.

What are Corporate Videos?

  • Longer in length, usually between 3 to 7 minutes
  • Utilized as a one-off event
  • Created to entice audiences and drive sales
  • Higher production costs due to multiple cameras and lighting
  • Requires a team to create with oversight from key stakeholders (an executive director and/or Board)
  • Drives interest to a ‘contact us’ page/form or has a CTA (call-to-action) to contact sales

Unlike explainer videos, corporate videos can include interviews with staff and testimonials from residents mixed with ‘action shots’ of residents and staff enjoying activities together. Instead of telling a quickly consumable story, corporate videos cover everything from a community’s humble beginnings to reinforcing its continued commitment to providing a stellar experience for residents and staff. These videos combine motion with emotion to create a memorable experience that’s elevated from other forms of video.

Additionally, these videos can also be a potent tool for senior living recruitment. You’ll often see a corporate video when a new program is launched, or when a new amenity is offered which gives that community a competitive differentiator.

Trust Our Team of Experts to Craft Compelling Videos for Your Community

In an ideal world, senior living marketing teams would have explainer videos and corporate videos at its disposal. Your community will have to weigh the pros and cons of each video format, while taking cost and timeline into account. If your senior living community has difficulty making this decision or needs help creating compelling videos, contact our team. We’ve helped senior living providers create hundreds of video assets to differentiate from competition and contribute to census goals and can do the same for your community.

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