Engage Potential Residents by Differentiating Your Senior Community

Connect with your residents on a deeper level by creating a community that stands out from your competitors. Making your website better than competitors will help increase leads, visits and residents.The following tips can help you make your site better than your competitors.

Find out what your residents want out of your website

Tap into your residents to find out what they want out of your senior living website. Sending out a survey to your email list is a great way to gather data quickly. You can also set up focus groups or reach out directly to specific residents. Ask what kind of content and information they wish your site had. Find out which formats they prefer to get information – blog posts, email blasts, video updates, etc. Keep in mind that you’ll want to target both seniors and the children of seniors who may be looking for housing and communities for their parents.

Take a look at what your competitors are doing, and look beyond your industry for inspiration

While you don’t want to copy what your competitors are doing – the idea is to differentiate yourself from competitors – you should do a thorough audit of what others in the senior living industry are doing. Take note of what each competitor is doing well. Compiling these ideas will help you generate ideas for what you can do on your own site.
It also helps to look at websites you like as a customer in other industries. How can you use what other websites are doing well in your own industry?

Sync your content with your search and social strategies

You’ve heard it a thousand times – content is king. And it still is. Good content – blog posts, infographics, videos, photos, tips, stories, testimonials and more – will make potential residents want to learn more about your business. Plus it encourages repeat visitors.

But great content alone isn’t enough. You want residents and potential residents to be able to find your content with little effort, and to be able to easily share it with their friends and family. Each piece of content you create should be optimized and shared on social media. You can even get ideas for new content by looking at keyword opportunities. If there are keywords you aren’t targeting, what type of content would cover those phrases?

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