Digital Marketing Performance Metrics: What Your Community Needs to Know

Before you can truly understand your senior living community’s digital marketing ROI, you must first understand the difference between three digital marketing performance metrics.

Whether you have a digital marketing agency or a dedicated internal team, this post will give you the foundational knowledge you need to ask the important questions. Let’s get started!

Determine the Metrics that Matter Most to your Community

While raw data is important in crafting and refining a successful digital marketing strategy, data without context is worthless.

By understanding what the data is telling you and your team, you’ll be able to make smarter, more tactical decisions while holding your agency accountable for the ongoing activities it is contracted to perform.

So, which digital marketing performance metrics should your senior living community be looking at? They fall into three distinct KPI categories:

Digital Marketing KPIs for Senior Living: #1 – Website Traffic Metrics

Traffic metrics can best be summed up by the totality of visitors on your community’s website over a given period of time. This can include daily, monthly or annual visits to your community’s website. From analyzing the number of visitors to your website, your internal team or agency of record can track trends and further segment the number of visitors finding your website from their desktop or from their phone.

A reputable digital marketing agency partner will track the traffic your community receives and will develop insights based on the KPI’s you’ve mutually determined are a priority (new vs. returning users, amount of time spent onsite, arrivals based on search engine queries, etc…). By monitoring the traffic on your community’s website, your community can identify new areas of opportunity to strategically invest marketing dollars.

Digital Marketing KPIs for Senior Living: #2 – Website Conversion Metrics

Conversion rate refers to the number of visitors who have taken a desired action (downloading a form, signing up for email notifications, booking a community tour) compared to the total number of visitors to your website. Tracking the number of conversions on your community’s website is vital to maintaining an understanding of how to optimize your content to get more conversions.

Ultimately, a deeper understanding of where conversions are coming from can help your team or agency of record allocate marketing dollars to make a greater impact and convert with efficiency.

Digital Marketing KPIs for Senior Living: #3 – Website Performance Metrics

Website performance metrics will help your community stay nimble and agile by using the analytics your community has invested in to determine what channel is driving the most residents and even the value of the channels themselves. This is where your digital marketing agency partner will be assessed. Understanding exactly where users are converting and attributing values to where users are being converted will help your community sustain profitability in addition to nurturing your sales funnel.

Coming Up Next: Determining Digital Marketing ROI

In the next installment, the senior living team at Linkmedia 360 will take a deeper dive into cost per acquisition, retention rates and other performance metrics designed to increase and determine your organization’s digital marketing ROI. If your team is still stumped about these basic KPIs, contact us and we’ll help you get on track.

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