Digitally Integrated Thinking: A 2016 Recap

Earlier this year, we developed an internal initiative to start doing more of what we advise our client-partners to do in terms of marketing, brand management and enhancing the user experience.

One of the larger parts of our program focuses on knowledge-sharing through regular blog content. Digital content, as our own Artie Petro demonstrated in Content Strategies 101, addresses each question or concern a potential buyer could have throughout the various stages of a customer experience cycle. In addition to helping our audience understand digitally integrated strategy and solutions, content marketing establishes a commitment to our mission of making order of chaos, being advisers and delivering actionable results that matter.

Because digitally integrated marketing includes a number of components which are dependent on industry, business challenges and goals, internal capabilities and customer needs, we keep a fresh rotation of topics in the hopper. Let’s take a look back at a few of our readers’ favorites.

Panda and Pigeon and Possum – Oh MY!

local seo marketing graphicIn this post, Matt Mesenger explained how the latest Google algorthim, Possum, will affect local business SEO rankings. Learn more about what it is, and how to maintain SERP visibility.





Your Website and the Importance of User Experience

UX User Experience

Your website is your first customer service representative, so the user experience needs to be flawless. Barbara Le-Wharton has more via this post on the basics of UX.




Google Price Extension for AdWords: 3 Things Community Marketers Need to Consider

Google search on mobile

Here, Phil Smith described a new price extension for Google AdWords – learn more on the Linkmedia 360 blog about how it may affect community marketers.







Baseball and Digital Marketing


In digitally integrated marketing, we also focus on client wins despite adversity, loss and the occasional upset. Kurt Krejny helps client-partners to see just that in this Cleveland Indians baseball-flavored marketing post.





Beyond Basic: Improving Your Local SEO Rankings with Link Building

digital marketingNot only do we post here on the Linkmedia 360 blog, but our thought leaders have been featured in industry publications. Check out this article on link building by our Matt Mesenger.






To 2017 and Beyond

As we look to continually improve our solutions, approach and delivery, we look to you to challenge, inspire and guide us as well. 2017 will surely bring more Google updates and technology improvements – and we’ll have a deeper digitally integrated expertise to share. We’ll continue to post well into the new year, but be sure to tell us what you want to hear: leave it in the comment section, tweet us @Linkmedia360 or simply contact us. Cheers!

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