Do Senior Living Providers Need a CRM to Maximize Marketing Automation?

There are certain pairings that feel like they belong together. Peanut butter and jelly, Sherlock Holmes and Watson, movies and popcorn, but not limited to numerous other pairings. For senior living marketing and sales teams, the same comparison can be made about integrating marketing automation with a Customer Relationship Management, CRM, platform.

When marketing automation works in tandem with a CRM, sales and marketing teams gain extensive insight on its leads during the various stages of the resident journey up to the moment a resident becomes a move-in, which benefits the bottom-line of organizations.

What if your community has only invested in a CRM or marketing automation, but not both? Do senior living providers need a CRM to maximize marketing automation, or vice versa?

The simple answer to that question is yes. Continue reading, to explore the benefits of integrating a CRM with a marketing automation platform.

A Full Understanding of the Resident Journey

Senior living sales teams rely on a CRM to efficiently manage time, increase resident relationships, prioritize lead flow and receive real-time notifications for sales outreach the moment a meaningful activity occurs and more. Conversely, marketing automation is deployed by senior living marketing teams to nurture leads with personalized content based on identified personas, personalized emails, automated social media posts, text messaging and invitations to community events or to schedule a walk-through. Essentially, marketing automation boils down to lead generation and personalization, warming cold leads into warmer leads that then follow the sales process.

When integrated together, senior living communities gain the benefit of having sales, marketing and operations data consolidated into a single platform. Both senior living sales and marketing teams gain a full understanding of each lead’s respective stage in the resident journey, from initial interaction to move in. Leads are less likely to slip through the cracks when marketing teams definitively know when to pass the baton to sales. And sales teams will assist the efforts of marketing teams with the data contained in a CRM, which fuels personalization and nurturing efforts.

With integrated marketing automation and a CRM platforms, senior living organizations gain insight into the entire resident journey.

Reduced Costs and Increased Productivity

When integrated together, marketing automation and CRMs reduce the amount of time spent on manual data entry, email correspondence, information gathering and sales outreach. If deployed separately, marketing automation and a CRM can result in inconsistent messaging and teams chasing their tails in terms of understanding what qualified a lead in the first place. No one likes to be asked the same question twice, especially during a sales call, and this inconvenience can be prevented through CRM and marketing automation integration.

This compounded efficiency improves the collaboration between sales and marketing teams. It also ensures each team understands its role in the sales process, thus saving both teams time in the process. The amount of time saved and the improved collaboration between teams helps complete daily activities and outreach so the leads with the greatest likelihood to convert are prioritized.

According to Enquire 2018 | 2019 Annual Senior Housing and Post-Acute Sales and Marketing Benchmark Report, sales teams utilizing marketing automation see an increase of 25% in productivity and a 21% decrease in sales cycle length. While the initial investment for marketing automation and a CRM may be encountered in the short term, the long-term value of these software solutions far outweighs the investment cost, if properly leveraged.

Leverage Your CRM and Marketing Automation by Claiming Your Copy of the Guide to Modern Marketing Automation for Senior Living

Possibly the greatest benefit that follows integrating marketing automation with your CRM lies with your staff who regularly leverages it. To help teams gain additional insight around marketing automation including solutions, strategies and what automation looks like when scaled, download your copy of the Guide to Modern Marketing Automation for Senior Living.

Linkmedia 360 and Enquire hope this resource allows your community to leverage this solution with confidence to accomplish its organizational goals in 2020.

For questions regarding marketing automation or CRM platforms, please contact Delaine Blazek, Enquire VP of Sales, Senior Living.

For questions regarding integrating marketing automation and CRM platforms with analytics after claiming your copy of the Guide, contact our team. We’ll be happy to answer your questions.

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