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In case you’re new to Yelp, it’s an online review site that allows users to check-in, post photos and review your business. As of March 31, 2012, Yelp is averaging 71 million monthly visitors and hosts 27 million reviews. The Yelp mobile app is in use on 6.3 million unique mobile devices and generates a call or a request for directions to a business every second. As you can see, Yelp is already a great tool for spreading word about your business, but a few recent moves could make it more important than ever to be there.

First off, Yelp and Microsoft have agreed to a deal that will integrate Yelp content directly into Bing search results. While Google search owns a huge majority of the search pie, Bing and its affiliates still generate slightly over a third of all search traffic in the United States. Yelp’s reviews, pictures and business attributes will show up when a user searches locally.

Secondly, and possibly more impactful, Apple has agreed to further integrate Yelp content with Siri as well as into its forthcoming Maps app that will replace Google Maps when iOS 6 launches this fall. Every time an iPhone user opens the Maps app to search for a place to eat, shop or to find where the closest storage facility is, they will see content from Yelp. Speaking personally, I use my Maps app constantly. The other day, my wife and I were out shopping and she decided she wanted a milkshake, so I pulled out my phone and used the Maps app to find a place near us that sold milkshakes.

By integrating their content in with Microsoft and Apple, Yelp’s reach is going to grow by leaps and bounds. Small businesses can’t afford to ignore a direct line to possible customers when their competitors will be taking advantage of this opportunity. If your business would like some help setting up an account and listing on Yelp, please contact us on our website:

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