Download Our LegitScript Addiction Treatment Certification Infographic

In case your addiction treatment center hasn’t already heard: You can no longer advertise your rehab via paid Google and Facebook Ads. These painful (but necessary) policies were enforced to cut down on unscrupulous, unethical practices happening in the rehab industry.

As the saying goes, a few rotten apples spoiled the entire bunch. Since September 2017, rehab marketing practitioners have had to alter strategies to stay competitive. All the while, drug addiction treatment centers are striving to provide life-saving treatment to addicts in the wake of an opioid epidemic.

No easy feat.

However; an opportunity exists for your drug treatment facility to use Google and Facebook Ads again through a LegitScript certification.

To help you run paid ads on Google and Facebook, we’ve created a downloadable and handy infographic to help addiction treatment centers (available for download below). Read on to learn:

  • A brief background on LegitScripts before applying for the LegitScript Addiction Treatment Certification
  • Additional information about the 2018 eBook for Rehab Lead Generation & LegitScript Addiction Treatment Certification

Rehab Marketing in 2018: Don’t Improvise. Stick to the LegitScript

When addicts are struggling, many turn to Google and social media like Facebook for an escape or to search for answers. Where does Google and Facebook turn during a time of need? Spoiler alert: LegitScript.

LegitScript’s mission is to create a safe and transparent environment for consumers, businesses, and government. LegitScript provides monitoring services for the healthcare industry (pharmacies, telemedicine providers, healthcare merchants, etc.), eyewear merchants, and more recently, the addiction treatment industry.

LegitScript is the ONLY Google-and-Facebook-trusted certification for the rehab industry. So, if your treatment center wants placement on Google and Facebook Ads, it must receive LegitScript’s blessing first.

Download our Infographic and take Steps Toward Your LegitScript Addiction Treatment Certification

Want to make Your Rehab Marketing ‘Legit’? Download the Entire eBook!

The infographic we’ve shared should help your addiction treatment center toward its LegitScript addiction treatment certification. But, that’s only part of the story.

Diversifying rehab marketing channels is one of the reasons why we created the 2018 Addiction Center Marketing eBook: Lead Generation & LegitScript. In addition to providing context around the downloadable infographic, the eBook addresses:

  • Six must-use rehab marketing lead generation channels your treatment center should use in the absence of Google and Facebook Ads
  • 18 specific tactics your treatment center can take to maximize the long-term impact of each of the recommended channels
  • A comprehensive breakdown behind Google and Facebook restricting Ads for the drug treatment industry in September 2017 and August 2018

Click the image below and download your personal copy of the eBook, to begin the process toward long-term, sustainable lead generation while applying for its LegitScript addiction treatment certification.

For additional questions about the LegitScript Addiction Treatment Certification, check out their FAQ page. If your addiction treatment center has questions beyond the scope of its LegitScript certification, contact our team. We’ll collaborate with your center to develop a long-term & sustainable plan that helps those suffering from addiction find your facility when they need it most.

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