The Definitive Guide to Senior Living Programmatic Display Advertising is Here!

Imagine what a provider could accomplish by capturing the demand of prospective residents the moment a need for senior housing arises, or even before? Programmatic display provides a versatile set of solutions, regardless of community type and the levels of care offered. For example, programmatic display is currently utilized to improve the following:

  • Creating and building customized audience segments based on unique user behavior data
  • Personalizing the online ad experience for prospective residents and ACIs (with unique copy matching the intent of the prospect searching)
  • Producing meaningful top-of-funnel touchpoints with prospective residents before competitors begin marketing to them
  • Reengaging with cold or inactive leads that visited a community’s website but didn’t convert
  • Identifying ideal donors for charitable initiatives

…and much more. Though programmatic display has dominated conversations and talk tracks at marketing conferences, platforms like programmatic haven’t received mainstream adoption in the senior living industry.

In part, this may be due to the perceived complexity that follow terms like AI, machine learning, native content, geofencing, retargeting, remarketing and programmatic display. Senior living marketing teams may understand the benefits of programmatic but may also feel intimidated to integrate these paid platforms into an existing strategy.

The goal of the Programmatic Display Marketing Guide is to deliver deeper context into programmatic paid platforms, help providers utilize programmatic for more successful strategies and to overcome unique challenges.

In this post, the various components of the guide will be revealed so that senior living marketing practitioners up to executive directors know what to expect upon downloading. Continue reading to learn:

  • An overview of each section within the guide

What Will Providers Learn Within the Senior Living Programmatic Display Guide?

Paid Media Marketing Index:

Does your senior living marketing team struggle with prioritizing paid channels and platforms? A programmatic platform can tactically fall in a different stage in the resident journey (buyer funnel) depending on the levels of care offered at a community.

The following programmatic platforms are included in the Index and Guide:

  • Programmatic display advertising
  • Smart display advertising
  • Native content advertising
  • Remarketing
  • Geofencing

The Index covers:

  • The different programmatic channels covered in the guide in the rows of the index (in green)
  • Different levels of care in the left column of the index (highlighted in purple)
  • Shaded funnels (top, middle, bottom-of-the-funnel or entire funnel) specific to a community’s levels of care where a programmatic channel tactically fits
  • Whether a community should prioritize a programmatic channel (with a plus sign to the left of the funnel), whether a channel is applicable but needs additional refinement (with a minus sign to the left of the buyer funnel), or whether a channel isn’t recommended at all (with the respective tile left blank)

After consulting the index, your community will know which programmatic channels to prioritize in its paid strategy based on its unique levels of care.

Programmatic Channel Breakdown:

Your community won’t successfully integrate a programmatic channel into its strategy without an understanding of what that channel is and how providers are using that channel to improve census or solve unique challenges. Each channel in the guide begins with a definition then segues into how that specific channel helps senior living providers.

Specific figures and examples are also included (where applicable) for providers. These examples provide context into how the programmatic channel is leveraged to produce meaningful insight and results.

Case Studies and Success Stories:

The proverb “the proof of the pudding is in the eating” is applicable to programmatic display. The proof to programmatic lies in the real results that have been driven. To provide deeper context, we’ve compiled unaltered results and case studies from client partners. Each case study gives a snapshot of the unique situation a client partner found itself before our team implemented a programmatic platform.

The solution and/or recommendation from our team is listed below the situation. Finally, results are detailed below the solution to help providers set realistic expectations for that platform. Case studies will be regularly updated in the Guide to give providers the most current data and insight.

Download the Guide to Transform Your Senior Living Organization

Adweek reported that in the U.S., online ad spending surpassed offline ad spending. The level of personalization, targeting and visibility of programmatic display contributes to this shift.

Programmatic display, powered by AI and machine learning, bolsters nearly every effective paid strategy in senior living, even if you don’t realize it. The benefits programmatic provides are unparalleled:

  • Massively expansive reach
  • Programmatic doesn’t require a prospect to have prior exposure to your community’s brand
  • Programmatic doesn’t require prospective residents to be in “shopping mode” for a community
  • Feeds top-of-funnel leads and drives crucial awareness
  • Lifts the impact of all additional senior living marketing channels

To begin benefitting from programmatic display, click the thumbnail above to download your copy of the Guide. For any additional questions, don’t hesitate to contact our team. We’ll help your community use programmatic to surpass its unique and specific goals.

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