Email Marketing 101


email marketing 101


There are multiple ways for your business to communicate with your clients and prospects, and  Email Marketing is just one of the methods that has evolved enormously over time.  As your business makes connections and grows its database through the efforts of sales reps, attending tradeshows, and Outbound & Inbound efforts, make  be sure to add those contacts to your email database.  In the past, email marketing was somewhat “bland” due to the fact that the content consisted mostly of text, but today email content might be made up of images, attachments, coupon offers or video.  Many companies are now using email to notify their audience regarding promos, announcements, new hires, or new products and services.


Here are some key practices to implement when composing your business emails:


  • Subject line – This is, by far, the most important portion of the email.  Be specific and inform the reader what the email is about.  This will improve your email open rate.
  • Headline – This is the next important consideration.  Clearly explain your offer and tell the reader what to do.  This is also known as a “Call to Action”, or CTA
  • Be personal – If applicable, be certain to use the reader’s name
  • Images – Images can play a dual role in that the email is more appealing and also separates  the text.  Since people routinely click on images to find out more, remember to link the images to offers, landing pages and your website to help them in this endeavor
  • Call To Action – Your CTA should tell the reader what to do.  Some forms of action to take might include clicking for 25% off, to login, read more, buy now or shop now.
  • Social Icons – As a way to push traffic to your social pages, don’t forget to add social media icons to link to Facebook, Twitter, your blog or your company LinkedIn profile in your email. This helps to get the word out that you’re participating in social media,  which can be the beginning of conversations with your audience.

Hopefully this information will help you with composing compelling emails for your business endeavors.  In our upcoming email blog posts, we will cover topics such as opt-in, mailing lists, analyzing your email campaign results and much more!

To further help gain leads, don’t forget about using social media. Download our free ebook that explains how using social media in the sales process is extremely important! 

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