Facebook Partners with LegitScript: What Your Rehab Marketing Team Needs to Know

The first wave of restrictions to paid advertising channels for the addiction treatment industry took place September 2017. 11 months later, Facebook joined Google in the effort to make rehab marketing in the addiction industry a more ethical and “legit” place for struggling addicts, concerned family members and friends by partnering with LegitScript.

Last Thursday, August 9th, LegitScript and Facebook formally announced the partnership. This is yet another blow to reputable addiction treatment providers. Rehab marketers tracking their results noticed a sudden disruption to their campaigns. Advertising on Facebook suddenly became more complicated. Feeling déjà vu? Read on to learn:

  • Why Facebook is requiring the LegitScript certification for addiction treatment providers advertising on Facebook
  • What your addiction treatment center can do to become LegitScript certified to begin using both Google Ads and Facebook ads again for rehab marketing purposes

Why Facebook Is Requiring Addiction Treatment Centers Become LegitScript Certified

Similar to the first disruption to the addiction industry with Google Ads, The Verge shed light on unethical and predatory behaviors that some addition treatment centers were engaged in on Facebook’s platform. Much like the Google Ads shake-up, the need for Facebook to take regulation into its own hands became necessary.

The combination of deceptive paid ads and shady intake recruitment practices within private Facebook support groups drove the need for Facebook to take a second look at the entire addiction industry’s marketing practices. Again, like Google, Facebook was forced to step in and take action against the few unethical treatment centers operating unchecked by imposing restrictions on marketing of to the entire industry.

We know that rehab marketers won’t “like” Facebook’s shake-up, but this policy change was also a necessary one. As the opioid epidemic continues to ravage communities across the U.S. and abroad, industry leaders like Google and Facebook have a responsibility to do good for the people using their products. That’s not to say that ethical rehab marketers will be punished forever.

There is something your addiction treatment center can do. Become LegitScript certified. Specifically, by receiving a LegitScript certification, your drug rehab center can once again create Facebook Ads, and will once again be allowed to continue advertising on Facebook in general.

But, how exactly should your addiction treatment center go about becoming LegitScript certified?

First Google, Now Facebook: What’s Next? Download Our New eBook on Rehab Marketing to Find Out

While no one can predict the future, few would have been able to anticipate the far-reaching, industry-wide shake-ups that occurred with Google and Facebook. One conclusion can be drawn from recent policy changes affecting rehab marketers and the entire industry: when policy change happens, it happens fast, with little to no warning. What will your addiction treatment center do to combat near instantaneous advertising policy changes?

Be proactive with your rehab marketing efforts in an ethical and honest way. To help your team do just that, we’ve created an eBook that dives into a holistic approach to generate leads beyond paid channels alone. Within the eBook, your team will learn:

  • Six advertising channels your rehab marketing team can use to diversify lead generation efforts
  • Eighteen tactics your addiction treatment center can implement to maximize the effectiveness of the six channels in the eBook
  • A background into Google and Facebook’s recent advertising policy changes for the addiction industry
  • A checklist to help your treatment center with its LegitScript certification, so it can continue rehab marketing efforts on Google and Facebook’s paid ad platforms

Of course, if your treatment center has a question regarding Facebook’s recent change in its advertising policy for the addiction industry, contact our team. We’ll provide context where we can and will help your team move forward in uncertain times with confidence.

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