Facebook Paid Promotion

If you manage a Facebook page for a business, then you’re probably already well aware of how difficult it can be for your posts to reach your fans. Early this year, Facebook had announced they were changing their algorithm for the newsfeed, which would result in a reduced organic reach for pages. The change was made, they said, to provide users with more relevant content in their feed, with which they would be more likely to have a higher engagement.

There are some best practices recommended to ensure you’re reaching as big of an audience as possible:

1)      Using strong, simple images in your posts.

2)      Knowing what engages your fans and posting relevant content.

3)      Being consistent in your posts- it’s recommended to post at least once a day to maintain engagement and keep your page refreshing.

That said, if you still are not satisfied with how many people your information is reaching, Facebook offers paid promotion in a few ways, and here we’ll discuss the following: promoting your page, promoting a post, or boosting a post.

Promoting Your Page

Choosing to promote your page itself will result in more Likes, or fans of your page. You can set up the area you’d like to target, as well as demographics of the audience you’d like to reach. Then, you decide on a budget- you can either utilize a daily budget or set a lifetime budget over a course of time. We’ve seen some pretty amazing results with a monthly budget as small as $100, so it’s up to you as far as how much you want to spend to get your name out there.

A promoted page will appear in the newsfeed, as well as in the right hand column of the newsfeed, of the audience you’ve specified, on both the desktop and mobile versions of Facebook.

Promoting a Post

You can also choose to promote certain posts within the newsfeed. Setting up a post to promote is very similar to setting up promoting your page. Promoting a post gives you more targeting, bidding and pricing options over boosting a post (which we’ll discuss next).  Just like when you promote your page to get more Likes, promoting a post allows you to set a daily or lifetime budget and target a specific audience within the newsfeed. To promote a post, you need to go into Facebook’s Ad Manager and set your specifications there.

Boosting a Post

Boosting a post is probably the easiest way to gain engagement with your content.  All you do to boost a post is to click Boost Post in the lower right corner of the post.

facebook pic (2)

When you click on Boost Post, you’ll be given a couple different options regarding who you’d like to target- either people who like your page and their friends, or choosing people through targeting.  If your goal is to drive more traffic to your website, you should choose people through targeting. This option will allow you to select which people to reach and set location, age, gender and even interests of this audience. Once again, you’ll also be able to set a daily or lifetime budget for the promotion.

Once your ads are set up, you can view the results by going into the Ad Manager. Here, you’ll see how much engagement your ads have received. From the Ads Manager, you can also view a report that will allow to see the reach, impressions, clicks, CPM, and so on for each campaign that you’re running or have run in the past.

Most marketers find that the Boost Post option is the easiest and most accessible way to set up a paid campaign on Facebook. We recommend trying out the paid promotion options a few different ways to see what works best for your goals.

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