How Facebook Remarketing Improves Senior Living Recruitment Strategies

Interested in converting more visitors to complete applications on your careers page? Many qualified candidates are casually looking, but well-placed ads might encourage them to apply to your community. This happens through remarketing.

Facebook remarketing gives advertisers more control with recruitment ad delivery within Facebook’s network. With the ongoing staffing shortage in senior living, cited by McKnight’s as having a 44% year-over-year turnover rate, providers need to leverage every channel available to meet staffing and recruiting goals. When integrated with your website, Facebook remarketing is an effective way to track leads and engagement and tie them back to your senior living recruitment efforts.

But, how can your community fully leverage Facebook’s audience to drive engagement with your employment-related ads? Continue reading to learn how to implement Facebook remarketing to reach motivated job seekers, and how Linkmedia 360’s turnkey staffing and recruitment program utilizes Facebook remarketing to maximize a strategies visibility and impact.

What is Facebook Remarketing? And, How do I Implement It?

Facebook remarketing is used to send targeted ads to individuals that previously visited your website. Using Facebook remarketing, you can identify users that bounced from careers pages and display an employment-related ad to them.

Note: Before implementing Facebook remarketing, your community should ensure its careers pages are optimized with the right keywords. There are also traffic size requirements. Websites with careers pages need at least 100 visitors to those pages to begin. After confirming its traffic counts, your community can remarket ads to people who visited your site. These highly targeted ads reach people who previously clicked into your site on employment-related ads in Google’s search or display networks. The targeting capabilities are extensive and the data points that communities obtain can help them drive engagement from this engaged, in-depth audience. Some of the granular demographic data you can target includes:

  • Email
  • Phone Number
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Zip/Postal Code
  • Mobile Advertiser ID

…among many additional data points.

In short, to obtain this data, install a Facebook pixel on your website. A Facebook pixel acts as a tracking code that provides insight into the user behaviors of your site traffic, including the tracking of users who visited your employment-specific pages. Because people are visiting those pages, your HR and hiring team can infer that these individuals are job hunting. So, when they log into Facebook or Instagram and see your ad, the chances are higher that the ad will drive better engagement.

To set up a Facebook pixel, your team will need to go through a series of prompts, not so different than Google Analytics, save for a few additional steps. If your community needs help in the set-up process, consult the team that set up your Google analytics account and go from there. Once your Facebook pixel is set up, your team can copy and paste this pixel to pages it wants to track, among many targeting features to narrow down your audience and drive better engagement for your senior living recruitment goals.

As we previously mentioned, the set-up process can be confusing, as your community has the ability to include certain pages and behaviors and exclude others that aren’t as impactful to your staffing and recruitment efforts. If your community needs help tying in its Facebook remarketing efforts to the other channels in your recruitment strategy, we can help your community as we have for numerous providers.

Partner With Linkmedia 360 for Senior Living Staffing and Recruiting

To supplement a community’s Facebook remarketing campaign and help providers capture interested and motivated job seekers, Linkmedia 360 created a turnkey online recruitment strategy consisting of paid search and social media advertising. Fill out the form below to improve your senior living staffing and recruitment efforts for any of your locations!

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This new program utilizes the following channels to maximize the visibility and impact of senior living recruitment and staffing strategies:

  • Pay Per Click (PPC) search advertising
  • Display advertising
  • Facebook
  • Facebook Jobs
  • Facebook careers retargeting
  • Boosted posts

Our team is here to help your community improve its Facebook remarketing and attract motivated job seekers for its open positions. Contact us with any questions your staff has in terms of improving its senior living recruitment and staffing strategies.

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