Be a Senior Living Marketing Leader and Head to Booth #1263 at LeadingAge Conference 2018!

What city has the Liberty Bell, Gin Blossoms and features the largest gathering of senior living practitioners in the industry?

Philadelphia! For four jam-packed days it’s hosting LeadingAge Annual Conference and Expo. From October 28th through the 31st, the City of Brotherly Love will be bustling. You’ll have the opportunity to meet, network, and learn from today’s top talent in active aging.

You’ll also have the chance to meet our team of senior living marketing experts. We’ll be helping attendees prepare for 2019. We’ll discuss marketing budget optimization and today’s senior living marketing best practices.

In this leadup to LeadingAge Conference 2018, your team will learn:

  • What our team will be sharing with attendees who visit our booth during EXPO hours
  • Who from the Linkmedia 360’s team will be attending LeadingAge Annual Meeting 2018
  • Where to find our team at LeadingAge Conference 2018 during EXPO hours

Prepare for Senior Living Marketing Budget Optimization in 2019 and Visit Booth #1263

One of the themes in senior living marketing during 2018 were budget allocations staying the same from the previous calendar year. In some cases, communities reported decreased marketing budgets, with expectations (census rate, profitability) staying consistent. What can communities do when teams are held accountable to accomplish more with less?

Clearly, optimizations will need to happen to maximize marketing ROI in 2019. LeadingAge conference 2018 attendees who stop by our booth will receive a resource you can take back to your community. Your senior living marketing team will learn budget optimization techniques to make the most of your allocations during budget planning season. The worksheet we’ll provide will help your community optimize its marketing budget to be proactive, rather than reactive, with strategies and allocations.

Senior Living Marketing Dream Team: Who You’ll meet at LeadingAge Conference 2018

VP of Sales/Occupancy Consultant – Phil Smith – After all, you can’t spell Philadelphia without Phil! Chances are, if you attended Enquire or SMASH earlier this year, you’ve heard Phil present or host an Educational Roundtable session. As the host of Fresh Insights from Fresh Faces, Phil leads conversations surrounding today’s complex senior living marketing landscape. Outside FIFF, Phil collaborates with every level in senior living organizations – from Oversight Boards, Executive Directors and VP’s of Marketing – and communicates back to the Linkmedia 360 client services team. Phil maps out customized senior living marketing strategies to maximize investment levels, thereby connecting the business goals of today with tomorrow’s opportunities.


Account ManagerKathleen Battin – Kathleen’s a gem, but those aren’t our words! That’s the consensus from client partners lucky enough to collaborate with her. Kathleen oversees strategy for senior living provider partners. She regularly meets with clients as a dedicated advisor, ensuring customized strategies are progressing according to the goals outlined to her, and quickly adapts to change when it occurs. Kathleen prides herself on attention to detail and expert organizational skills. She articulates senior living marketing strategies to client services team members for implementation and provides hands-on assistance with tactics when needed.

Business DevelopmentRenae Dabney – Renae makes it her business to understand your business goals. Chances are, if you’re a senior living marketing practitioner, marketing manager or executive director, Renae’s had a conversation with you. And if you haven’t had a conversation with Renae, you should! She regularly conducts meetings with senior living provider prospects. Renae approaches sales and business development for Linkmedia 360 with the mindset of a consultant. She builds trust with senior living prospects through true thought leadership, understanding, empathy and candid conversations to unearth ideal opportunities to surpass the goals that matter most to your role.

Don’t Play Hide and Seek: Walk up and Speak with our Team at Booth #1263!

LeadingAge’s annual expo will be over before you know it, so don’t miss your chance to connect with our knowledgeable staff. To make things as easy as possible for your senior living marketing and leadership teams, we’ve provided the days and times to find us.

Booth #1263 during Expo hours

Monday, October 29th: 11:30 am – 3:30 pm

Tuesday, October 30th: 12:00 pm – 3:30 pm

Wednesday, October 31st: 9:30 am – 11:30 am

Find Linkmedia 360 at Booth #1263 at LeadingAge Annual Conference during Expo hours Monday through Wednesday

See that tiny red dot in the picture above? That’s our exact location of our booth on the Expo floor at LeadingAge conference 2018. We’re close to a food service station, so your senior living marketing team has no excuse to pass by Booth 1263 without saying hi! Click here for the LeadingAge conference 2018 interactive floor plan, so you can loop us into your rounds during Expo hours.

Is Your Community Ready to be a Marketing Leader? See you in Philly!

We understand success in today’s competitive senior living marketing landscape isn’t easy. Which is probably why you’re attending LeadingAge conference 2018 to begin with.

We want to help your community accomplish its goals but realize a meaningful discussion may be required beyond a meet and greet during Expo hours.

Book a meeting with our team today. Your senior living marketing team won’t regret it. See you next week in Philadelphia, LeadingAge conference 2018!

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