Ok, Google: What should my Self-Storage Facility do at SSA Orlando 2018?

Self storage owners, managers, developers and suppliers – it’s here. SSA’s Spring Conference and trade show kicks off tomorrow. Aside from enjoying the warm weather of Orlando at SSA Spring 2018, you’ll have the chance to learn and network with peers.

Before becoming inundated with educational sessions, speeches, and panels, ask yourself:

  • Does my self-storage facility struggle with maintaining consistent occupancy levels?
  • Has my self-storage marketing strategy shifted to a mobile-first mentality?
  • Is my self-storage facility making the most of voice activated search and tomorrow’s technology opportunities?
  • What is a Google Home Mini? And how can my team win one?

If you answered ‘no’ at least once, carve out time to visit the numerous experts during SSA’s conference, including Linkmedia 360’s self-storage digital marketing team.

This spotlight on SSA Orlando 2018 covers:

  • What the Self Storage Association is, and who SSA Orlando 2018 is tailored for
  • Where to find the Linkmedia 360 self-storage digital marketing team this week at SSA Orlando 2018
  • How to win a Google Home Mini
  • Which state-level SSA Annual Meetings you can find the Linkmedia 360 self-storage team if you’re unable to attend SSA Orlando 2018

Expand Expertise with the Self Storage Association Spring Conference

If you’ve attended one of SSA’s conferences in the past, or are familiar with SSA, skip ahead to learn where to find our team this week in Orlando, and in upcoming SSA statewide annual meetings.

What is SSA?

The Self Storage Association (SSA) is a not-for-profit trade organization and voice for both the U.S. and international self storage industries for over 40 years. Each year, SSA hosts workshops and meetings, with two signature conferences – in the spring and fall. SSA has 40 state-level affiliate associations that hold a conference within their respective states.

Who’s SSA Orlando 2018 For?

SSA’s Spring Conference in Orlando is for anyone who has made an investment into the self storage industry. You’ll have the opportunity to expand your expertise and enhance your self storage businesses viability. Specifically, SSA Orlando 2018 is a lucrative opportunity to get face time with Linkmedia 360’s self storage digital marketing and occupancy marketing experts.

Find Linkmedia 360 for Voice Activated Search Insights: SSA Orlando 2018

By 2020, 50% of all searches will be performed via voice activated search. Your self-storage facility can prepare for the voice search boom this week by visiting our team. Of course, if your self-storage facility has any other questions, this also marks a perfect opportunity to stop by.

The Linkmedia 360 team will demonstrate the impact and opportunity voice activated search has with Google Quick Answers Box rankings. What better way to demonstrate the power of voice search than by testing it out for yourself? Our team will provide self-storage digital marketing consultation and voice activated search best practices for SEO quick wins.

The team will give away a Google Home Mini as a prize to one lucky winner. Make sure to visit booth 126 during Trade Show Exhibiting hours, fill out a brief survey, and sign up for a chance to win!

You could bring a Google Home Mini back to your own home, so don’t miss out during SSA Orlando 2018.

Stop by the Linkmedia 360 Booth and meet these team members

VP of Client ServicesTodd Hall – Has over 12 years of seasoned client account experience. Todd loves keeping ahead of trends and approaches in self-storage digital marketing to surpass KPIs, create conversions, and drive results for client partners.

VP of Sales/Occupancy Consultant – Phil Smith – Collaborates with owner/operators and the Linkmedia 360 client services team to create customized self-storage digital marketing investments that align your business goals of today with tomorrow’s opportunities to drive more leads into customers.

Booth 126 during Trade Show hours

Wednesday, March 14th: 3:30-7:30pm

Thursday, March 15th: 11:30am-1:45pm

After SSA Orlando 2018: Where to find the Linkmedia 360 team at NJSSA and INSSA

Can’t make it to SSA Orlando 2018? Don’t worry. Phil Smith will present at both New Jersey SSA and Indiana SSA’s Annual Meeting.

NJSSA will be held on Tuesday, March 27th. Catch Phil at INSSA’s Annual Meeting on Monday, April 16th. Phil will be discussing self-storage digital marketing while providing actionable tips to attendees.

If by chance your storage facility isn’t attending SSA Orlando, NJSSA or INSSA and has a question about voice activated search or self storage digital marketing – contact us. Our team will do our best to help your facility achieve occupancy goals in today’s highly competitive storage industry.


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