How Self Storage Facility Marketers Can Maximize Time at SSA Las Vegas 2018

A week from today, after a busy summer of transactions, acquisitions, deals, and expansions, the self storage industry will gather at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas. Over the course of the three days during SSA Vegas 2018, your team will have the opportunity to learn from and network with some of the industry’s top companies, suppliers, and distributors.

Where should your facility or organization start so you can maximize your investment in the conference?

Teams traveling to SSA Las Vegas and attending the conference during exhibiting hours want to maximize their time. To help fellow owners/operators, facility managers, and self storage marketers with that task at SSA Fall 2018, the Linkmedia 360 self storage team has some collateral to help.

In this Pre-SSA Las Vegas 2018 post, your team will learn:

  • 2 Tips to maximize your time leading into SSA Las Vegas 2018
  • Where to find the Linkmedia 360 Self-Storage Marketing Team during SSA Vegas 2018
  • What to learn after SSA 2018 Fall Conference & Trade Show

2 Tips to Help Your Team Make the Most of Their Time at SSA Las Vegas 2018

Linkmedia 360 has attended SSA Spring & Fall conferences for years. Just this year alone, we’ve attended SSA Orlando 2018 and presented at both New Jersey SSA and Indiana SSA’s Annual Conference. Our team is no stranger to navigating the conference and Expo circuit. Here are a couple tips our team prepared to help your facility:

1.) Read Through the SSA Las Vegas 2018 Schedule and Event Guide – SSA created a 44-page schedule of events that outlines everything your team would need to know while attending the conference. In it, you’ll find:

  • An at-a-glance view of the daily programs at SSA Vegas 2018
  • Additional details about SSA’s Economic Summit, Manager’s Summit and Educational Roundtable Sessions
  • A layout grid of all the vendor booths including their number during SSA 2018’s Fall Conference during exhibiting hours

Click here to view SSA Vegas 2018’s event guide if you haven’t yet.

2.) Register and Attend Our Webinar Tomorrow Regarding 12 Questions You Need Answered at SSA – When potential self storage marketing partners use similar talk tracks, lofty promises, or acronym-filled industry jargon, it can be difficult to discern between legitimate agencies, and the other’s talking a big game.
To ensure that your facility asks the right questions and cuts through the BS, our team prepared 12 pointed questions that you can ask to avoid vague, unintelligible answers. Arm your self storage marketing team with knowledge before you even set foot on the plane or gassing up your rental vehicle and register for Linkmedia 360’s latest Webinar – Skill Test Your Marketing Vendor | The 12 Questions You Need Answered at SSA.

Meet the Linkmedia 360 Self-Storage Marketing Team at Booth 707 at SSA Vegas 2018

So, your teams prepared its schedule, armed itself with insightful questions to ask potential self storage marketing partners, and is ready to make the most of SSA Fall 2018. Now what? Meet Linkmedia 360’s team of self-storage and occupancy marketing experts!

Here’s your rundown of who’s-who from Linkmedia 360’s Self-Storage Marketing team that you can meet at SSA Las Vegas 2018:

Senior Vice President of Solutions – Kurt Krejny – Leads the Solutions team in creating & executing innovative strategies in competitive occupancy-driven industries like self-storage. Kurt is a seasoned digital marketing and occupancy marketing expert with over 15 years of experience. He works directly with some of the nation’s largest independent and multi-location self-storage operators to increase visibility within search engines and produce year-over-year gains in online reservations.

VP of Sales/Occupancy Consultant – Phil Smith – Collaborates with owner/operators and the Linkmedia 360 client services team to create customized self-storage digital marketing investments that align your business goals of today with tomorrow’s opportunities to drive more leads into customers. Phil will host tomorrow’s Webinar, guiding attendees through the 12 questions they need answered from vendors to ensure a successful self-storage marketing partnership.


VP of Client Services – Todd Hall – Works closely with Linkmedia 360’s self-storage marketing team to continue trusted partnerships with clients. Todd has over 12 years of seasoned client account experience. He loves keeping ahead of trends and approaches in self-storage digital marketing to surpass KPIs, create conversions, and drive results for client partners.

Senior Director of Solutions – Matt Mesenger – Implements innovative strategies and solutions for self storage client partners. Matt creates case studies, conducts research into the latest self storage marketing trends, and utilizes the latest data to accelerate the lead-to-lease process while maximizing ROI potential.

When seeking results for a self storage marketing strategy, you’d be hard-pressed to find a more committed team than that at Linkmedia 360. Make sure you visit us at booth 707 during the exhibit hours listed below:

Booth 707 during Trade Show hours

Wednesday, September 5th: 11:30 am – 4:00 pm

Thursday, September 6th: 11:30am – 4:00 pm

What’s Next After SSA Las Vegas 2018? Register for Our Webinar on September 19th

After attending SSA Vegas 2018, your team will have tons of marketing tips & techniques buzzing in your head to implement. To help your self storage marketing team prioritize its efforts leading into 2019, our team created a Webinar.

Register for our Webinar on September 19th titled – 5 Digital Marketing Strategies to Implement Immediately. Our self-storage marketing team will address five strategies your facility should implement to drive leases in 2019.

Of course, if your team has any questions before SSA Las Vegas 2018, we’ll be happy to answer them. Contact us, and odds are we’ll arm your team with great advice leading into SSA Fall 2018 and after Vegas.

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