How to Apply Marie Kondo’s KonMari Method to Senior Living Content Marketing | Part 2 of 3

In-between carting kids to tee ball and soccer games during jam-packed weekends, you likely have spring cleaning projects to complete before summer kicks off. Whether these projects include sprucing up a back yard deck for entertainment or making room for a summer wardrobe; it’s likely that Marie Kondo, the tidying guru and her eponymous show, ‘Tidying Up With Marie Kondo’ on Netflix, have inspired the approach you take when tackling these de-cluttering projects.

Marie Kondo’s KonMari Method has helped people across America take their lives and homes back through the magic of tidying and only keeping objects that “spark joy.”

Which begs the question: Does your senior living community’s content spark joy with prospective residents and ACIs? Would your senior living marketing team know how to definitively discover which pieces of content are sparking joy and contributing to your goals?

In Part 1 of this three-part series, our team provided methods for how communities could categorize its content. In Part 2, we’re breaking down how teams can find the pieces of content that spark joy with your audience after the content has been organized and categorized. Continue reading to learn:

  • Two tools that senior living marketing teams can use to determine which pieces of content spark joy, in accordance with Marie Kondo’s teachings in the KonMari Method

Step #2: Measure Content Performance to Determine Pieces that Spark Joy

After your senior living marketing team takes stock of the entirety of its content offerings and properly categorizes content, it will be able to determine the goal of a specific post. Background context helps your team reduce the likelihood of subjectivity and instead offers an unbiased and objective view of content offerings.

That way, your team can definitively know which pieces of content spark joy based on your audience’s behavior toward it.

To properly measure performance and speak to the efficacy of a given piece of content, your community can use two helpful resources: Google Analytics and Google Search Console.

Within Conversion Reports in Google Analytics, your senior living marketing team will be able to determine the posts that are accomplishing the goals being tracked. For example, if your team created a premium piece of content and is tracking the number of downloads as a goal, it can click on the Reverse Goal Path and select a date range to determine the pieces of content that are contributing toward that goal.

This activity helps your team understand the historic performance of specific pieces of content based on the pages your audience clicks on and eventually converts from. That’s not to say because a piece of content isn’t directly converting site visitors or contributing to a conversion that it doesn’t hold value.

For example, a piece of content may produce entrances to your website and introduce prospective residents and ACIs to your community; but may not convert site traffic beyond that. It’s not to say that piece of content is unsuccessful. Based on the categories your team divided content into in the previous step of the KonMari Method, it gained additional perspective on the totality of its content.

If social shares for a specific post promoting content didn’t convert site traffic but led to entrances to your website, that piece of content inherently holds value and sparks joy from your audience. Conversely, your team can use Google Search Console to view clicks, impressions and CTR (click-through rate) for your website and pieces of content.

This additional insight helps your team understand pieces of content that are topical, serve your audience, and can be further optimized to increase engagement with your ideal audience. Additionally, Google Search Console provides insight into keywords that your community ranks high for, while also shedding insight into keywords that are within striking distance.

With the assistance of Google Search Console, your senior living marketing team can also uncover keyword variations to substitute for overly used keywords. These optimizations improve the quality and originality of your content offerings while also giving your community additional opportunities to rank in Google SERP results.

If your content marketing team makes a habit of regularly assessing Google Search Console and Google Analytics, it will have the opportunity to glean insight that otherwise wouldn’t be available. Ultimately, this effort culminates in effective content marketing strategies that engage with audiences and sparks joy.

Still Need Help Identifying Which Pieces of Content Spark Joy? Contact Us and Stay Tuned for Part 3

Your community logged into Google Analytics and Google Search Console to measure the performance of its categorized content. From this careful analysis, your team has likely discovered insights and uncovered opportunities. There’s also the possibility that your team felt blinded by data and may still struggle to determine the exact KPIs and criteria it should weigh when assessing the pieces that spark joy.

After all, the last thing your senior living marketing team wants to do is remove a piece of content that’s sparking joy and engaging with audiences. If your community has doubts in this stage of the KonMari Method to content marketing, contact us. We’ll help your community identify every piece of content sparking joy from your desired audience.

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