Five Essential Google Ad Extensions for Senior Living Marketing Teams

Regardless of the device, when typing a search query on Google, it’s likely that before organic results are served, you’ll first see results for paid ads.

Manuel (and optional) customizations to paid ads on Google are called Google ad extensions. Ad extensions provide extra snippets of information to serve more helpful and relevant ads to users at-a-glance. Additionally, they help communities distinguish from competition within paid results on search engine results pages (SERPs).

When successful, ad extensions can help a community earn residents to surpass occupancy and census goals. For the purpose of maximizing visibility, click-throughs, calls, visits and ultimately; residents, we’ve identified five essential Google ad extensions for senior living providers. Continue reading to learn:

  • Five Google ad extensions providers can implement to improve PPC advertising efforts

Google Ad Extension #1: Sitelink Extensions

Sitelink extensions increase click-throughs to specific pages on a website. It allows providers to spotlight key pages that encourage an individual to learn more about a community. Conversely, sitelink extensions can be used to send traffic to deeper pages on the website to convert by directing traffic to a landing page to fill out a form.

Sitelink extensions your senior living marketing team can manually implement include (but aren’t limited to):

  • Care Options
  • Pricing
  • Amenities
  • About Our Community
  • Resources
  • Our Services
  • Our Philosophy

…or any number of pages on your website that you want to direct traffic to from one of your ads.

Google Ad Extension #2: Location Extensions

Location extensions allow businesses to feature their location in a prime position within paid ad results and increases ad visibility.

Given the geo-targeting abilities that PPC ads have, coupled with the circumstance where a prospective resident may desire to live close to their family, gives this Google ad extension increased importance. Conversely, location extensions can be used to promote the location of a resort or destination community.

To utilize location extensions, include your address, city, state where your community is located and hours of operation.

Google Ad Extension #3: Call Extensions

Call extensions impact the click to call ratio and increases conversion potential. This ad extension gives your community the opportunity to feature its phone number to make phone calls or outreach easy. The SEO trend of zero click search, where Google is keeping search traffic within its search ecosystem, is making call extensions crucial for providers to implement within PPC campaigns.

Google Ad Extension #4: Callout Extensions

Callout extensions give senior living marketing teams the opportunity to highlight its community to make it stand apart from competition. Aside from compelling ad copy, callout extensions create more compelling ads. Your community could highlight its history, its wonderful service and its signature trademark to callout its most important differentiators.

Google Ad Extension #5: Structured Snippets

Structured snippet extensions, like callout extensions, give senior living marketing teams the ability to highlight aspects of its community within an ad. But unlike callout extensions, structured snippets highlight different aspects of your community’s services. This could include your levels of care, types of amenities available at your location (a fitness center, walking track, fine dining, being pet friendly, luxury villas, etc.)

Typically, structured snippet extensions will act like a headline alongside callout extensions.

Contact Us to Improve Your Community’s PPC Advertising Efforts with Ad Extensions

Google ad extensions are free to implement but are time consuming. If your senior living marketing team discovers that this manual effort is simply unrealistic due to time constraints, contact our team. We are adept at rolling up our sleeves to produce successful PPC campaigns for client partners using a four ‘R’ methodology:

  • Reach
  • Real Estate
  • Real Time Results
  • ROI

Let our team apply this methodology for your community to help it proactively (and consistently) surpass census goals.

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