5 Technical SEO Tactics to Connect with the Digitally Savvy Senior

Are 50% to 60% of your inquiries coming from online channels? A community’s website is typically the first impression a digitally savvy senior or adult-child influencer has when learning about your community and its unique offerings.

Our team learned the greatest shared challenges facing senior living marketers after surveying more than 200 marketing practitioners. On page 7 within the 2018 Senior Living Marketing Guide, we provide the top five tactics communities can make to combat the shared challenges facing senior living marketers. One of the tactics includes making your website the center of your entire marketing strategy. To learn the additional four, download your copy of the guide below.

Today Phil Smith walks through five technical seo tactics senior living communities can implement to capture the attention of digitally savvy seniors to drive successful resident acquisition programs.

Think Your Community has a Solid Technical SEO Foundation? Try these Tactics

1.) Be Careful with Robot.txt – Robots.txt is a standard that indicates which pages should and SHOULD NOT be indexed by search engine crawlers. Don’t make the mistake of having your site’s content go unseen, by accidentally blocking search engine crawlers from accessing and indexing your site’s pages.

2.) Utilize Schema Markup – Consider schema markup code akin to a highlighter on your website for search engines, directing them to the information you want it to return to site visitors. While users won’t notice schema markup, search engines do, and will reward your senior living marketing team with additional visibility. Wrap the following in schema markup to improve site visibility and awareness:

  • Videos
  • Reviews
  • Events
  • NAP+W (Name, Address, Phone number, and Website)
  • Hours of operation

3.) Focus on Building Domain Authority via Link Signals – While there are over 200 ranking signals and factors impacting organic visibility, the consensus is the top ranking factor is a site’s domain authority. Domain authority is determined by the quality and quantity of inbound links directing traffic back to your senior living community’s website.

Domain authority is time consuming to build, and you won’t want to start from scratch once your team has taken the necessary time to grow this ranking factor. But what happens when your community changes its URL or acquires another company and wants to direct traffic over to your website?

Set up:

  • Redirects
  • Ghost Pages

4.) Create Distinct Location Pages – To ensure your community receives relevant traffic and visitors, organize your site so it’s easy for visitors to navigate by setting up specific location pages. Doing so will provide two benefits:

  • Helps your community rank well within the specific market each location resides
  • Ensures your community isn’t competing with its own traffic by centralizing location-specific pages within your main website

5.) Identify and Track Keyword Ranking Opportunities – Your team will have to do its research to understand the search volume and demand for the keywords your community wants to rank for. Understanding which keywords it can “own”, which keywords it can compete with, and which keywords to avoid are tantamount to success.

Connect with Digitally Savvy Seniors by going Technical in 2018

In addition to covering the 5 technical seo tactics necessary to dominate resident acquisition goals in 2018, the FIFF team addresses:

  • Mobile marketing trends
  • The role content marketing plays in senior living seo
  • Stats on usage patterns with digitally savvy seniors

Of course, if your team has any questions about technical seo, don’t hesitate to contact us. The Fresh Insights from Fresh Faces team will help your community surpass goals.

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