Linkmedia 360 hit the greens recently.  Our on-site reporter (and Linkmedia 360 Managing Partner/Owner, Dave Wolf) reports:

On Friday July 16th, the Linkmedia 360 team attended The Reserves Network annual golf tournament at Sleepy Hollow golf course in Brecksville. It was a great day for golf and to support a client outing.

In this picture is our hole sponsorship signage with the new Linkmedia 360 logo!”.

Thanks, Dave for that report. Back to you, Renae (I have always wanted to do that!).

Linkmedia 360 Fun Fact!

From Wikipedia

“Fore!” is shouted as a warning during a golf game when it appears possible that a golf ball may hit other players or spectators. The mention of the term in an 1881 British Golf Museum indicates that the term was in use at least as early as that period.  The term means “look ahead”, and it is believed to come from the military “beware before”, which was shouted when a battery fired behind friendly troops.

Other possible origins include the term being derived from the term “fore-caddy”, a caddy waiting down range from the golfer to find where the ball lands. These caddies were often warned about oncoming golf balls by a shout “fore!”.

It also may have a contraction of the Gaelic cry Faugh a Ballach! (i.e. Clear the way!) which is still associated with the sport of road bowling which has features reminiscent of golf.

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