Want to Accomplish Your Senior Living Vision for Success? Begin at the End

It’s easy for teams to experience a disconnect between having a vision for future sales and marketing success, and the plan to execute on that vision. There are so many ongoing strategies and tasks to keep up in the day-to-day that make long-term goal fulfillment difficult to sustain. In that case, it may be important to begin with the end result in mind, and then develop supporting activities. Here are five important questions your senior living marketing team should consider.

At a high level, does your community:

  • Strive to streamline sales efforts?
  • Track every valuable lead from initial inquiry to close?
  • Develop, Track and then Analyze marketing strategies with a Dashboard?
  • Consistently view metrics specific to your success?
  • Evaluating and simplifying budgets during the planning process: lead sources, cost per lead, etc.?

If your senior living marketing team answered ‘no’ at least twice, then there’s a good chance you aren’t beginning a strategy with the end goal in mind.

Planning Tomorrow’s Senior Living Marketing Success Today

As a baseball player, I grew up watching the Indians in the 90s and was at the last sell out game (455 in a row!). I watched Jim Thome launch balls into the upper deck and like many young baseball players – I wanted to hit the walk off homerun in game 7 of the World Series. Few baseball players make it to a championship, let alone hit the home run that led to victory.

I knew that for me to execute on that vision, it would require planning, upfront work from myself, and the support of the team members around me. The greatest vision without an actionable plan is a pleasant daydream disconnected from reality.

Your senior living marketing team may be operating with aggressive goals and a fantastic vision for the future, but are you planning and prioritizing sales activities accordingly? Patrick offers two tips for senior living marketing teams that may be facing such a disconnect, to get down to the real data driving revenue:

  1. Get Granular
  2. Become Hyper-focused

What Else is Covered Within the Latest Episode?

In addition to leading the conversation about sustainable marketing plans with a long term vision and providing considerations for senior living marketing teams, Patrick Hart also addresses:

  • What to know about senior living referral sources
  • The importance of prioritizing reservations
  • The business opportunity of lost leads
  • The benefits of a robust CRM

Understanding the difference between ‘reaching into a barrel of ideas’ for a marketing campaign and knowing which channels will drive the value your senior living marketing team needs to accomplish its vision is a key factor to success. If your senior living marketing team has any questions for Patrick, you can reach him at MatrixCare.

To help your team begin its strategies with the end in mind, with a clear focus on driving your goals and vision, contact our team. We want to set you up for success before Day 1! Happy planning.

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