Think you know Your Self-Storage Customers? Learn 4 Renters Your team must win over

It’s almost that time, self-storage owners. The busiest seasons of the year are approaching. To truly maximize a busy spring season and even busier summer, ask yourself a tough question:

How well do you really know your typical renter/tenant? 75 percent of your customers/renters live within a two-mile radius from your facility. The storage industry consensus is that most facilities customers live within five-to-seven miles from any given location.

That presents enormous opportunities for owners, operators, and managers, but only if they know their customers, and create experiences that surpass expectations and maintain trust year-over-year.

To help provide clarity, we’ve compiled research on four of the most common renters your self-storage facility will encounter during the busiest months of the year.

Read on if you want to learn:

  • The four self-storage renters your team will need to win over to surpass occupancy goals
  • A brief background into the lives of these renters, so your self-storage marketing team and management can surpass their customer expectations to create a truly memorable experience

4 Self-Storage Renters to win over During a busy Spring/Summer 2018

Want to know more About These Renters? Adopt a Hyper-Local Approach

Your self-storage facility has an opportunity to make an immediate impact on revenue and occupancy by knowing who your local renter is and applying a strategy to reach them. We provided four types of renters that most self-storage facilities will encounter, but there are bound to be unique customers specific to your immediate location.

Who are the customers your self-storage facility receives the most leases from? We’d love to help your facility create experiences that surpass your local customers expectations, while meeting your occupancy goals. If you ever need help identifying that customer, contact us. We’ll be happy to help. We’re also going to check back in on the four self-storage customers above throughout the year, so be sure to follow their journey’s from interest to lease.

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