Google My Business Tips for Businesses During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Global corporations to small businesses have been impacted by the Coronavirus outbreak and have had to quickly adapt their business practices. Customers are also adapting to these changes but are seeking specific answers to questions as events unfold in real time.

Aside from keeping customers abreast of changes through social media, are there other proactive measures companies can take to communicate hours of operation, temporary closures and more?

The good news: there is, and it’s through your Google My Business. Continue reading to learn actionable Google My Business tips and best practices to help your business navigate COVID-19.

Shut off Business Hours Completely

There are few situations more vexing to a customer than looking up the hours of operation for a business to discover that the information is inaccurate. With COVID-19 state regulations constantly changing, maintaining accurate and up-to-date business hours may be too difficult to accomplish, especially for multi-location businesses.

To avoid causing confusion to consumers, you can disable your business hours in Google My Business. This measure addresses customer confusion and will negate customer’s showing up at locations when they are closed. By removing your business hours, but keeping a phone number accessible, it will prompt customers to call your business for updated hours and any additional information your customers are seeking.

Change/Update Your Business Description

A Google My Business description is a 750-character summary of your business and its offerings. This description doesn’t have to remain static. In fact, your Google My Business description offers an additional platform to speak directly to current and prospective customers regarding the Coronavirus outbreak and changes to your business operations.

Your description can be amended to update all interested parties. We’ve provided a potential example your company could implement below:

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, our branch hours are varying. Please call the branch for our current hours.

Remove Your Business Hours AND Change Your Business Description

If your organization wants to cover its bases during the COVID-19 pandemic, it can optimize its Google My Business dashboard to implement both tips listed above. Combining tips will give your organization more ways to communicate any changes that have taken place as a result of Coronavirus. Additionally, by combining the tips shared above, your team is also providing a reliable way for customers and vendors to contact your business or organization for clarity.

Create a Dedicated Statement Via Google Posts

Similar to the previous Google My Business tips, Google Posts offer another way for businesses to adapt to changes related to COVID-19. The free visibility Google Posts offer on a SERP can’t be understated, and this is visibility your business can leverage to make a statement or communicate updates as they develop. Here are a couple of tips to make your Google Posts as effective as possible.

ProTip #1: Create an Event

Typically, Google Posts disappear after seven days, but this can be amended. Since no one knows how long the Coronavirus pandemic will last, your organization can select the ‘event’ option for its Google Post statement regarding COVID-19. Your team could keep the end date unspecified to ensure its Google Post stays up for the duration of COVID-19 to communicate necessary updates.

ProTip #2: Create Google Posts for Each Location

Google Posts can’t be created in bulk. Keep this in mind as your organization looks to implement Google Posts into its COVID-19 updates. Businesses with multiple locations will need to create a unique Google Post for each location. The copy can vary slightly to speak to the unique location, but the rest of the copy can reflect your organization’s update.

Contact Our Team to Help Optimize Your Google My Business Profile

Communicating business updates and how your company is responding to changes during periods of uncertainty earns customer loyalty. Google My Business is an effective way to accomplish that objective and Google continues to roll out new features and offerings to help businesses respond to COVID-19. One such offering that hasn’t rolled out yet is a ‘Temporarily Closed’ option in the Google My Business platform.

To learn more about how to optimize Google My Business for COVID-19, additional Google My Business tips, or any other questions, contact our team. We’re here to help.

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