The Anatomy of Google Ad Extensions for Self Storage Marketing Teams

Google Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Ads are more complicated than you think.

The intent of Google Paid Ads is to provide lots of relevant information for the individuals conducting a search. This helpful information contained within paid ads in Google are called Ad Extensions.

Today, we’re breaking down the anatomy of Google Ad Extensions for your self storage organization, so your marketing team can understand and use the ad extensions that make the biggest impact on occupancy.

Continue reading to learn:

  • A breakdown and definition of 5 Google Ad Extensions
  • How your self storage facility and marketing team can identify and add additional Google Ad Extensions to maximize the traffic, clicks, and opportunities for reservations and rentals within paid campaigns

5 Google Ad Extensions for Self Storage Defined

1.) Location Extensions – Location extensions list your storage facility’s specific address and can also provide your hours of operation. Location extensions provide an extra line of code to your paid ad, giving it additional real estate your self storage marketing team doesn’t have to pay for.

2.) Callout Extensions – Callout extensions detail specific features or services your storage facility offers. This includes (but isn’t limited to):

  • Type of leasing options (month to month and more)
  • Security features
  • 24/7 access and customer service

Your facility can add up to 10 unique callout extensions. The more specific your facility is with its offerings, the more value your self storage marketing team will see from this extension.

3.) Promotion Extensions – Promotion extensions feature discounts and offers aimed to capture the attention and interest of your prospective renter. This is the opportunity to promote the best offer you’re currently running. When a customer clicks on this extension, they will be directed to a landing page speaking to that specific offer.

4.) Sitelink Extensions – This Google ad extension allows your facility to include clickable links to specific pages you want to direct traffic to. If your facility wants to direct customers to your autopay options, specialty units, unit pricing pages, etc. this extension gives your team the freedom to add it into its paid ad.

5.) Structured Snippet Extensions – With structured snippets, your self storage marketing team can list all the available storage unit options customers can choose from. This deeper context gives customers an at-a-glance view of all of your unit offerings, opening your ad up to your entire spectrum of customers.

Contact Our Team to Learn Additional Google Ad Extensions

Google ad extensions create opportunities for self storage facilities to truly stand out against competitors in an already hyper-competitive paid ad space. It takes time to manually add each Google ad extension. If your team discovers that manual entry is too time consuming, contact our team.

We’ll provide additional Google ad extensions that your storage facility can add to maximize Ad Quality score, reach with ideal renters, real estate in paid results, and ultimately; ROI in real time.

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