Google Price Extension for AdWords: 3 Things Community Marketers Need to Consider

As mobile search has officially surpassed desktop, Google continues to refine its algorithms and products to provide a better, more accurate experience for this growing user segment. A recently announced example is the AdWords price extension. Essentially, this add-on for PPC text ads will allow brands to showcase pricing information for a number products and services directly beneath the main ad copy.

While we can expect to see retailers and service providers taking full and immediate advantage of this enhancement, community marketers – those who work on behalf of senior living and residential care locations – won’t necessarily be able to implement this function and run. Because community living options such as:

  • Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRCs)
  • Independent Living
  • Assisted Living, Memory Care, and Skilled Nursing, as well as
  • Retirement Communities

often aren’t chosen based on price alone, marketers and digital brand ambassadors in this vertical need to find unique ways to integrate PPC into their multichannel marketing strategies. Until Google and other search engines roll out digital advertising features that provide inherent benefits to this industry, the following three considerations are ways in which community marketers can start to think about this particular AdWords update right now.

1. Be Inspired and Seize the Opportunity to Innovate

As digital best practices and trends evolve, the moving target of the perfect marketing mix switches speed, direction, and relevancy, but this isn’t always a disadvantage. If Google has determined that pricing is what users want in an engaging mobile experience, look to your audience (digitally-savvy seniors, adult child influencers, and caregivers) for inspiration regarding its needs and what your PPC ads should offer; think virtual tours and simplified consultation appointment booking.

2. Consider the Added Investment Requirements Carefully

The AdWords extension won’t affect community living brands’ budgets directly, but it has implications that may still cause the cost of doing digital business to increase. We can expect that community marketing professionals won’t be listing prices through branded PPC ads, but we suspect that aggregators such as A Place for Mom and, that often leverage the paid channel, will be forced to pass the cost to their clients. As this price extension is currently only available to the brand that claims the no.1 paid ad, we predict that competition will be stiff and prices may soar.

3. Organic Optimization Can Help to Even the Playing Field

Additionally, this latest AdWords extension takes up a considerable amount of prime mobile device real estate; if your brand can’t claim the no.1 paid position, the user will only see your content on page one if your digital properties are fully search engine optimized. A thorough keyword analysis, robust content strategy, up to date local listings, and rich meta descriptions will help brands compete with the no.1 ad’s organization. Fortunately, these are all areas in which Linkmedia 360 excels.

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