AdWords for Addiction Centers (part 2 of 7) Facebook Edition

Has your addiction/rehab center cracked the code on generating highly qualified leads in a post-Google AdWords world?

That’s the question we posed in Part 1 of our 7-part guide to addiction center lead generation/lead diversification.

A brief recap: Last September, Google shook up the addiction/rehab industry when it restricted the availability of ads for keywords within Google AdWords.

So, what can your treatment facility do after Google’s lockdown on AdWords?

Invest in sustainable lead generation channels and promote your treatment center ethically within those channels. Additionally, your drug rehab center should look to diversify its lead generation strategy, so one algorithm update or industry shakeup doesn’t create detrimental damage to your treatment center’s leadflow.

In Part 2, we’re covering Facebook, and the role this channel plays in generating qualified intakes in a holistic lead generation program for your addiction facility.

In this Spotlight on Facebook, you’ll learn:

  • Pros to Facebook’s platform for your addiction treatment center
  • Cons to Facebook’s platform in generating qualified leads
  • Algorithm-proof tactics your treatment center can take to effectively use Facebook to diversify leadflow

Pros to Facebook in Addiction Center Lead Generation

Make no mistake: with 2 billion active monthly users, Facebook provides a huge opportunity for your addiction treatment center to engage with potential patients while earning their trust. Among all the social networks available to marketers, Facebook provides the greatest ROI. That’s not to say other social media channels don’t provide value for marketers. Simply put, your treatment center loses intake engagement potential if it doesn’t have a presence on the platform. Listed below are pros to staying active on Facebook:

  • Drives intakes to your website primed for conversion
  • Supplements your addiction treatment centers content marketing efforts
  • Enables 1:1 conversations with prospective patients
  • Pages provide a platform for your drug rehab center to post pictures, video, testimonials, events, and additional ways to interact with users while telling your addiction facility’s unique story

Granted, Facebook shouldn’t be considered the sole solution to drive leads for your intake staff. When integrated harmoniously with the other channels we recommend within this guide, Facebook can be an incredibly effective way to reach prospective patients.

Cons to Facebook for Rehab Facility Lead Generation

Nothing gold can stay, and such is true concerning how quickly things change in social media. In addition to Google shaking up AdWords for the drug rehab industry, Facebook updated its algorithm affecting News Feed for ALL businesses with Pages in January. Facebook addressed its algorithm change to News Feed within its official press release. Your addiction treatment facility’s Facebook admin has most likely tracked a decline in organic reach with its posts for some time, so the recent announcement shouldn’t be overly shocking to hear.

Events like Google’s AdWords clampdown and Facebook’s algorithm update illustrate why brands can’t depend on one channel alone to drive leads on a consistent basis. Given that fact, we’ve outlined why Facebook shouldn’t be perceived as the leadgen holy grail:

  • Non-existent organic reach after Facebook’s News Feed algorithm update
  • Admins can do more harm than good to your treatment center’s social standing without proper training/agreed-upon posting
  • Public Pages open the door to trolls leaving malicious reviews out of spite
  • News Feed’s algorithm update almost forces business Pages hand in paying for ad space

Top 3 Tactics Your Addiction Treatment Center can take to maximize Facebook’s channel potential

While the cons to Facebook’s role as a channel to drive highly qualified leads to your treatment center staff are legitimate considerations, the pros to maintaining a presence far outweigh them. We’re not recommending packing up your things and shutting your business Page down.

Instead, your rehabilitation center will have to tweak and adjust its strategy to stay visible to prospective patients. We provide 3 algorithm-proof tactics your drug treatment facility can take.

  1. The Content Your Addiction Facility posts must encourage real conversations with multiple comments/responses:
    Facebook didn’t mince words about its effort to prioritize user-generated content and posts over content created from business Pages. The social media leader did hint at the type of content that will gain traction after the algorithm update: longform comments and conversations between people.
    For some industries, this could be an uphill battle for engagement, where the addiction industry is poised for social success. Addiction is an intensely-personal subject for people who are struggling and suffering in the effort to become sober. Conversely, an individual who’s come out of the other side of a recovery program has renewed confidence and purpose.
    Your addiction/treatment facility can encourage thought-provoking discussions between both groups with the content it posts to Facebook. Someone who’s currently struggling with addiction might not be prone to provide candid feedback, but recovered addicts who have successfully completed a program will be your center’s biggest advocates. Facebook provides the perfect platform to encourage and facilitate these types of discussions. Make the discussions meaningful, and your treatment center will be rewarded.
  2. Create Groups for Your Drug Rehabilitation Facility:
    Larry Kim, founder of Wordstream cited Facebook groups as the ‘Unicorn of Facebook engagement loopholes’ in a webinar recently. Facebook groups can foster the kind of engagement and meaningful interactions that will appear on users News Feeds organically.
    In fact, Facebook groups that successfully spurn spirited discussion will become featured on a user’s notification tab, providing treatment centers with vast amounts of free visibility. Consider creating groups for the types of treatment your addiction facility specializes in.
  3. Incorporate “Live” Video:
    In Facebook’s official press release addressing the News Feed algorithm update, they cited live video receiving SIX TIMES the levels of interaction compared to regular uploaded videos. This is due to the comments and discussion typically generated by live videos.
    Want prospective intakes to gain a true feel for the experience at your treatment center? Fire up your phone and go live! The more creative and impactful idea the better, but consider going live during:
  • Tours of the facility
  • Retreats, hikes, group bonding trips
  • Interviews with industry experts
  • Taking a spotlight to counselors & staff

The potential for your staff is limitless. Get creative and utilize live video to portray a slice of life at your drug rehabilitation center that pictures couldn’t do justice.

What’s next in the Addiction Center Lead Generation Guide

In the wake of Facebook’s News Feed algorithm, Page admins will have to adjust their strategy to focus on engaging with people and to stay visible. While tried-and-true marketing tactics like starting a paid campaign on Facebook remained unchanged with the algorithm update, convince & convert provides even more ideas for addiction marketers.

Of course, if your team is struggling with visibility after Facebook’s algorithm update and isn’t having the kind of success with lead generation with this channel, contact us. We’ll do our best to provide your drug rehabilitation center the counsel to maximize this channel.

In the next installment, we’ll address programmatic advertising, and the role it plays in an integrated, holistic lead generation strategy for addiction treatment centers

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