AdWords for Addiction Centers (part 6 of 7) Marketing Automation Edition

This guide to addiction center lead generation began with a singular question:

Have you cracked the code on ethical and sustainable lead generation after this past September’s Google AdWords for addiction centers change, and recent changes in organic?

If you answered ‘no’ to that question, then this guide is for you. Dips in occupancy occur with the ebb and flow that is lead generation. But your drug rehab center can set itself up for success by diversifying its overall strategy. Don’t allocate your marketing dollars solely into one channel to drive leads. If there’s anything practitioners have learned since last September, it’s that one channel alone shouldn’t be the primary way to drive intakes.

Diversified leadflow enables teams to continue day-to-day intake prospecting, so when a change occurs it doesn’t create detrimental problems for centers. In part 6, we cover marketing automation, and how it streamlines sales and integrates into a holistic addiction center lead generation strategy.

Read on if you want to learn:

  • What marketing automation is
  • 3 handy ways marketing automation can help treatment centers generate qualified intake opportunities

What is Marketing Automation Again?

Marketing automation is software that organizations use to automate and replicate tasks to streamline productivity and maximize revenue. Many teams use marketing automation to handle the heavy-lifting for emails, social media posts, prioritizing sales outreach, filtering leads, and more.

The opportunities for addiction treatment centers to impact lead generation and intake strategy are great, if your team understands how to properly implement marketing automation into your overall strategy. Consider this: On average, 51% of companies are currently using marketing automation.

Also keep in mind: marketing automation takes a lot of upfront work to implement and requires that teams set up and maintain workflows to make the most of the investment. Once the upfront work is complete, your team will need to continually monitor your automated solution. “Set it and forget it” marketers should look elsewhere.

That said, marketing automation offers big benefits to addiction center marketers looking to create sustainable lead generation strategies. Below are three handy ways marketing automation supplements addiction center lead generation strategies

3 Beneficial ways Marketing Automation Supplements Addiction Center Lead Generation

  1. Segments Intakes Based on the type of Addiction Treatment Your Center Offers – The ability to filter and segment leads based on the type of addiction treatment they’re interested in learning more about will give your intake and admissions staffs the ability to articulate your programs with clarity. This also cuts down on the time it takes to discover how your facility can help an addict recover from their debilitating condition.Your treatment center can use marketing automation to accomplish this by creating a form that asks what type of treatment the person is interested in learning more about, then directing them to the proper and relevant content your drug rehab center has created.
  2. Diversifies Content Marketing EffortsOver 3 million new blog posts have already been published today. What are the chances the addict or concerned loved one who needs your treatment center’s content will find yours? Beyond amplifying your addiction center’s content with a paid budget, marketing automation gives that content extra “legs” if you will, by keeping your audience up-to-date with the content your team works diligently to create.Your team can utilize marketing automation to send leads content with email marketing automation, nurturing their loyalty, and encouraging them to reach out to your drug rehab center when that intake is far enough down the funnel. It will keep your addiction treatment facility both top-of-mind and top-of-inbox. Marketing automation will naturally warm leads gradually over time, priming that intake for a concerted conversation with your admissions staff when they’re ready. Marketing automation will enable your content to be uniquely showcased while they’re in the necessary information gathering and self-education stage.
  3. Integrates with Your CRM to Filter Leads Based on Needs – When your marketing automation program is integrated with a CRM, it will enable your team the ability to focus its attention to the intakes that have an immediate need for your recovery programs. Your team knows the intake that picks up the phone to call your treatment center is the more serious, committed lead.But that doesn’t mean intakes that aren’t ready to reach out don’t have value. Your CRM will help your team filter out those leads that aren’t ready yet while still nurturing their trust with email marketing automation that uses your quality content catered to their specific inquires.

AdWords for Addiction Centers: What’s next in the Lead Generation Guide?

Addiction center lead generation is multi-faceted and investing in marketing automation will help your team integrate sometimes disparate sales, prospecting, and trust-building activities with one centralized place. The opportunity to streamline sales and soften the burden of being bogged down with time-consuming activities can be a Godsend for many addiction centers. And in the wake of changes with AdWords for addiction centers, marketing automation could be the sustainable solution your rehab center needs in 2018.

In the final installment in the AdWords for addiction centers lead generation guide, we address content marketing, and how it integrates into a holistic leadgen program. If your drug rehab center has any questions before the final installment is published, contact us. We’ll help your treatment center find a ethical and sustainable way to generate intake interest to boost occupancy.

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