Why Google’s E-A-T Acronym is Important to SEO Strategy and 17 E-A-T Considerations

While E-A-T sounds innocuous, it carries immense weight for organizations that want websites to rank favorably on Google’s search engine results page (SERP). E-A-T isn’t officially recognized as a ranking factor per se, but Google has indicated its importance within its Quality Rating Guidelines.

But what is E-A-T? And why is it important for SEO?

Our team tackles those questions to help your business favorably rank on Google’s SERP. Continue reading to learn:
• What is the definition of the E-A-T acronym
• 17 considerations to make websites E-A-T friendly
• Why E-A-T is Important to an organization’s SEO strategy in 2019

What is E-A-T?

E-A-T stands for Expertise, Authority, and Trust.

Each respective letter raises numerous considerations to align websites with Google’s algorithm. Linkmedia 360’s Chief Operating Officer, Kurt Krejny, breaks down E-A-T below:

17 E-A-T Considerations for Websites

Considerations to Highlight Expertise:

1. Does your website feature expertise from employees within your organization?
2. Does your organization feature applicable expertise outside your organization but within your industry?
3. Does your website feature and include applicable industry accreditations on key pages? (such as your home page and below the fold on site pages)
4. Are testimonials from customers or clients present and easily accessible on your website?
5. Are certifications that legitimize your organization within your industry present on key pages?
6. Does your website feature awards (recent or historic) that further establish your organization in your industry?

Considerations to Emphasize Authority:

7. Does your organization regularly check its websites Domain Authority?
8. For site content, are author profiles/bios fully optimized to show that your internal experts are legitimate in your industry?
9. Does your website consistently publish content with purpose?
10. Is content consistently created and published genuinely helping inform and educate your audience?
11. Within your site’s content, does your team create POVs to provide context when an industry shake-up occurs?

Considerations to Nurture Trust with Site Traffic:

12.) Has your organization encouraged and received backlinks from trusted websites both within your industry and outside of it? (links from the Washington Post, New York Times, etc.)
13.) Does your organization encourage client or customer reviews?
14.) Are the reviews your organization receives favorable? (3.5 stars or higher)
15.) Are the reviews coming from credible and trusted sources?
16.) Does your organization have more (and a better aggregate number of reviews) than your competition?
17.) Are your organization’s authors credited with writing pieces of content credible and trustworthy within your industry?

Why is E-A-T Important to an Organization’s SEO Rankings?

Google recently updated its master file on its ‘Quality Rating Guidelines’ found here. In the 164-page document, Google mentioned the E-A-T acronym 186 times. While Google’s VP of Search, Ben Gomes, didn’t directly state the correlation between Google’s E-A-T acronym and Google’s ranking algorithm, Gomes did state that the E-A-T acronym addresses what Google’s algorithm should do.

Meaning E-A-T, while sounding simplistic, carries weight. If Google makes a point to mention something 186 times; chances are, it will have an impact on where your business ranks on Google’s SERP. There are even anecdotes of a measurable lift in site traffic by applying the E-A-T acronym.

Contact Our Team to Check if Your Organization’s Website is E-A-T Friendly

If your team feels unsure whether its website has the necessary elements implemented on its website after reading through our considerations, contact us. Our team of strategists, specialists and SEO experts can perform a comprehensive audit to ensure your organization E-A-Ts well and ranks where it should on Google’s SERP.

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