Google + for Business

Google + for Business

Google +  is Google’s version of a social network. Google+ Business Pages allow brands to interact with a growing audience as well as target to specific groups and customers. Because of the connection to Google search, this social network goes beyond the social aspect and can help you reach people that you really want to target. Because Google+ is integrated with other Google products such as Search and YouTube, it can be a very strong marketing tool. As of 2013, there were over 500 million registered users on Google+. Engagement and use of the network continues to grow and now, because of its relation to search results, it is very important to create a Google+ page for your business. It has many features, such as  +1 button to show “likes”, integration with Google Authorship, communities and groups and hang-outs. While Facebook is a place for friends and family to connect, Google + has communities or circles where people of similar interest gather or “hang out”.

We have heard over and over that new and relevant content is one of the most important parts of Google’s algorithm. Google + posts are considered content. This content will always appear on Google + and can be found via Google search results, whereas Facebook posts do not always appear in the intended audience’s feed. Google+ utilizes the hashtag (#) for keywords and you can add content such as videos, images and GIFs. Google + can actually generate more brand engagement than you think. In a recent study, (Link to Google+ posts generated as much engagement per follower as Facebook posts and twice as much as Twitter.

Google+ pages are vital to SEO ranking. Google Places pages are being upgraded to Google Local and Google+ pages, which are key to search engine ranking for local business information. Local Business pages are indexed more accurately and effectively if they are on Google+. Setting up a Google + is easy to do. So what are you waiting for?

Setting up a Google+ Business Page:

  1. Go to and sign-in with your gmail account information. If you don’t have a gmail account, take a few minutes to set up this account as you can use the log-in across all of the Google products.
  2. Pick a category for your business or organization.
  3. Add basic information about your business including company name, website, age requirements and location information.
  4. Customize your profile with images, cover photos, your business’s “story”, and your tagline.
  5. Start sharing content and finish your profile.


Once your Google+ page is set up, start engaging with others. Search for your business’s specific keywords (using the hashtag) to find competitors, business leaders and others in your field. Keep the content consistent to your brand and you will find your audience!

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