How to Use Google Job Search to Find Qualified Candidates for Senior Living Communities

Has your senior living community struggled to find qualified candidates for open positions? The global pandemic has created a unique situation in the job market. There are many new job seekers on the market, and many open roles in the senior living industry. What tool can create the best match? And, what can your community do to stand out in a competitive staffing and recruiting market?

To overcome the challenge of senior living recruitment, your community will need to leverage every available resource to get its job postings in front of the right candidates.

Google Job Search can be an effective resource to assist your senior living staffing and hiring efforts. Continue reading to learn what Google Job Search is, tips to get added visibility for your job postings on Google Job Search, and how Linkmedia 360’s staffing and recruiting program is helping providers meet staffing demands.

What is Google Job Search?

According to CareerBuilder, for over a decade, over 70% of job searches began on Google. Realizing the immense potential to connect qualified job seekers with companies, in June 2017, Google launched Google Job Search. This service was created to connect job postings from across the web. Google Job Search combines the job listings run by small businesses on their websites and job sites that contain thousands of listings.

By combining these resources, Google aims to be a ‘one stop shop’ where the entire employment process can be handled within the Google Job Search platform. If you’ve ever done a job-related search on Google, you have likely seen something like the image below.

Google Job Search will connect individuals with relevant results based on their search criteria. Competition to earn the top spot for a job posting is intense, but there are tactics your community can take to optimize and improve the visibility of its job postings on Google Job Search.

Wrap All Job Postings in JobPosting Schema

JobPosting schema makes your job postings eligible to appear in Google Job Search and includes the following features:

  • Job position details
  • Your community’s logo
  • Reviews
  • Ratings

Consider wrapping the following in JobPosting schema markup:

  • Job title
  • The date the open position was posted
  • The description of the available position
  • The type of employment category
  • The location of the community where a position is available
  • The name of the hiring community
  • The date the job posting is valid through

…and other applicable criteria. These optimizations can improve your senior living recruitment efforts by increasing the visibility for your job postings and placing available positions in front of an ideal audience.

As a helpful reference, check out Google Developers structured data for job openings. Additionally, your community can use Google’s Structured Data Testing Tool and can learn about the different types of JobPosting schema your community can optimize for on

Publish Listings on Sites That Are Partnered With Google Job Search

One of the greatest advantages to using Google Job Search is its vast network of third-party websites that are partnered and integrated with Google. This list includes, but is not limited to the following:

  • ZipRecruiter
  • LinkedIn
  • CareerBuilder
  • GlassDoor

A growing number of employers are taking to social media to vet and screen candidates. A survey on CareerBuilder indicated that 70% of employers are searching an individual’s social media accounts to get a better sense of who that applicant is personally, and how that applicant’s social persona may reflect the culture of the professional workplace.

That said, social media integration is only one additional way to get job postings in front of the right audience. For example, ZipRecruiter has a network of over 100 websites it distributes your job postings to. Leveraging these third-party partners casts a wider net and allows your senior living recruitment efforts to take hold with motivated job seekers.

Partner With Linkmedia 360 for Senior Living Staffing and Recruiting

To help senior living providers capture the influx of job seekers searching for employment opportunities, Linkmedia 360 created a turnkey online recruitment strategy consisting of paid search and social media advertising. Fill out the form below to improve your senior living staffing and recruitment efforts for any of your locations!

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This new program utilizes the following channels to maximize the visibility and impact of recruitment and staffing strategies:

  • Pay Per Click (PPC) search advertising
  • Display advertising
  • Facebook
  • Facebook Jobs
  • Facebook careers retargeting
  • Boosted posts

…and more based on the unique needs and criteria for the position your community is looking to attract a motivated job seeker for. Finding qualified candidates for open positions can be a challenge, but don’t lose hope. Contact our team and we’ll be happy to answer any questions your community has in regard to senior living staffing or its senior living recruitment strategy.


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