2 Tactics to Help Your Rehab Appear in Google Local 3-Pack Results

Imagine this scenario: a struggling addict in need is at their wits end and finally gathers the courage to seek help. They go to Google and perform a search for ‘addiction treatment centers near me’. That individual finds your rehab in a map listing and realizes it’s close to home.

Steeling their nerves, they click to call and get connected to an admissions specialist who sets up a meeting.

Can you imagine this scenario if the individual suffering with a debilitating addiction never discovered your rehab during their time of need?

There’s a strong possibility that could happen if your addiction treatment facility doesn’t appear in Google’s local 3-pack.

To help those who are currently lost and seeking help, your rehab will have to be present in Google Local 3-Pack results. Luckily, there are tactics your rehab marketing team can use to show up in the local search results of high intent consumers. Continue reading to learn:

  • Two tactics rehab marketing teams can take to increase the chances of appearing in Google Local 3-Pack listings

Tactic #1: Claim, Verify and Build out Your Google My Business (GMB) Listing

There are two clues that will signal to your addiction treatment center whether its location is claimed.

1.) Conduct a Google search for your rehab. On Google’s search engine results page (SERP) if you see your business listing with a blue clickable ‘Own this business?’ your rehab marketing team will know that its location isn’t currently claimed in GMB. See the graphic below for an example:

If your addiction treatment center sees the ‘Own this business’ question it has an opportunity to claim its GMB listing

2.) When logging into your GMB dashboard, your rehab will be able to manually enter its location information. If a location doesn’t populate, then your facility will know that its location hasn’t been claimed.

When your team has checked each clue, it will definitively know whether its location is currently claimed. If it isn’t, consult this handy resource, courtesy of Google.

After your rehab marketing team has claimed and verified its location, it can begin filling out all relevant and applicable fields. In building out your rehab’s GMB profile, be sure to update:

  • Your Business Address
  • Phone Number
  • Correct Business Name
  • Hours of Operation
  • Business Category
  • Questions and Answers Panel
  • Photo Galleries
  • Reviews from the Web

Which brings us to the next tactic necessary to appear in Google Local 3-Pack results: review solicitation and reputation management.

Tactic #2: Regularly Manage and Respond to Reviews for a Favorable Online Reputation

Trust matters. This is especially true in the addiction recovery industry; which has gained an unfavorable reputation nationwide for activities such as patient brokering, misleading and deceptive advertising tactics, unethical recruiting practices and more. Some of the practices were so egregious that it led to Google, Facebook and Bing restricting rehab marketing practitioners from placing paid ads on their platforms unless they receive a LegitScript certification.

Granted, a few bad apples ruined things for the ethical and reputable rehabs. With a growing opioid epidemic that shows no signs of slowing down and industry-wide changes happening with little to no warning, it begs the case for your reputable rehab to get discovered by those who need your services.

One of the most effective ways addiction treatment centers can establish and nurture trust with addicts and concerned family members are through reviews. Accounts of your staff successfully helping someone at their lowest find renewal and strength are potent motivators for those struggling.

The more positive reviews the better. Having a collection of reviews with an average star rating at 4.0 stars and above is ideal and will send a signal of trust that your rehab provides consistent and quality care for those in need.

Google has stated the importance of review management and being responsive to reviews and how that entices people to visit the location of businesses that value and honor its customers.

Download Our Rehab Marketing eBook for Additional Tips to Compete in Google Local 3-Pack Results

Currently, 30 percent of all searches online have local intent. Beyond that, a whopping 82 percent of smart phone users conduct ‘near me’ searches. Gaining an advantage in the local search ecosystem is essential to meet your rehab’s goals and helping those in need. For additional tactics to appear in Google’s Local 3-Pack, and to learn about sustainable lead generation, download your copy of the ‘Rehab Marketing eBook’:

Within the eBook, your team will learn:

  • Six different channels your rehab marketing team can use to diversify lead generation efforts
  • Eighteen tactics your addiction treatment center can implement to maximize the effectiveness of the six channels in the eBook
  • A background into Google and Facebook’s advertising policy changes for the addiction industry
  • A checklist to help your treatment center toward its LegitScript certification, so it can continue rehab marketing efforts on Google, Facebook, and Bing’s paid ad platforms

The more often your addiction treatment center can appear in local map results, the likelier it will be able to help those who are feeling lost. If your rehab marketing team has a specific question, contact our team. We’ll provide customized recommendations to help your treatment center finds its way.

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