Google Update: Payday Loans 3.0

Payday Loan update



Back in May, Google updated the Panda algorithm to help small businesses to rank better in search results. At the same time as the Panda update, Google rolled out an update to a Payday Loans algorithm. Since that time, Google has made another update to the Payday Loans algorithm on June 12th, which has been called simply enough Payday Loans 3.0. This update targets those sites that could have a large amount of spam queries.  These include sites that reference such keywords as casinos, payday loans, accident claims.

Linkmedia 360  researched the update and how it could have affected some of our clients that are in the financial services vertical. Currently, we have found no changes in the keyword rankings for our clients’ programs. Google will continue to make changes with their algorithms regularly.


Find out more about our findings by downloading the Google Payday Loans Update POV today!

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