Help! My Twitter account is sending spam!

Has this happened to you?  Linkmedia 360’s Twitter account was compromised earlier today.  I suspect it’s a result of a new application recently linked to our account but it could just be dumb luck.  I know we aren’t the first to experience this annoying, and quite frankly, embarrassing problem.

So after my initial freak out

"What do you mean our Twitter account is sending out spam?!"
I got online and Googled “my twitter account is sending spam” and found this very easy, do it yourself article on how to correct the problem.  I’ve just deauthorized the connected applications and changed our password so hopefully that will take care of the problem.  If you received a spam direct message from us, please accept our apologies!

The attached article is one you may want to keep bookmarked in case you should ever find yourself in a similar situation.  Many thanks to Chuck Welch for making it easy to understand!!

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