Help Your Customers Find Your Bank Branch Locations Online

Searching for a local business has changed dramatically over the past 5 years. Today, there are over 6.2 billion local searches performed every month! Google recently reported that mobile searches actually overtook searches on a desktop. With mobile phones at over 75% penetration in the marketplace, having a business being found online in even more important! According to Moz, 95% of smartphone users have made a local search with 61% of these people contacting the business after the search. Consumers are searching on their smartphones for businesses online and relying on apps to conduct banking or to find a local bank branch. This means it’s vital that your branch location data comes up in search results. The more real estate your bank has on the search results page, the more chances you have to capture those clicks, calls and leads.

Moz released a report in late 2014 that listed the main factors impacting local search. There are many factors that will help your business be found online, including sending information about your business to data aggregators (such as Acxiom and InfoUSA) having location pages for each branch and performing specific Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tactics on your website.

Local Online Listings

One of the major components impacting local search is enusring that you have your business’s correct name, address, and phone information on your website and across the search engines.  When potential or current customers search for a bank, search engines and mobile apps rely on location data from your website and third party data sources to provide the most relevant search results. If listing data is incorrect or inconsistent between all data sources, your branch location listings may not show up as prominently- or even at all. With its impact on local search, it’s important for your bank to build consistency across the web for your brand!

There are certain things that should be performed by a business in order to be found in local search:

  • Have a business with a physical address where customers can visit. That address should be verified with the US postal service and able to receive mail.
  • Submit a local business number where customers can reach your branch directly.
  • Be available at your branch during the hours stated on your local listings.

The local listings ecosystem is a blend of search engines, online directories, and other sites that rely on data aggregators for listing information. It’s important to create consistency and data integrity in your listings.  The data aggregators will syndicate the information to the search engines and other websites such as or  Creating a Google+ Local Business Page will also help get your business get found online. After the page is created, it is crucial to claim and verify the listing with Google. Optimize the listing by adding content such as descriptions, photos and hours. Once that’s complete, it’s beneficial to link your local online listings to location pages on your website.

SEO Factors for Local Search

Another factor to have your business be found online is to create location pages for each branch on your website. The search engines are constantly looking for new content, and adding information on the location pages is a great way to provide more content to your website. The location page would have the vital name, address and phone number, hours, a short description of the services, a location photo, a map, and a link to the Google Local pages. The page can then be optimized for online search by adding keywords specific for your business, a page title and meta descriptions. These are all tools that help the search engines find your business.

The local search landscape is constantly evolving, so staying on top of current trends is vital. You can do this by having the correct date, including name, address and phone number across 3rd party publishers and most importantly your website. Your website is your biggest sales and customer service tool. Creating location pages and then optimizing the website for relevant business and local keywords is a most for any bank.

Linkmedia 360 realizes that is very important for retail banks to be found online. Ask how we can create a local search program to help your bank’s branches to be found online.



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