Hey, where’s all my Facebook email?

If you’re not in the habit of logging into Facebook to retrieve your email messages you may be missing them.  In a move that’s receiving some backlash from Facebook’s faithful, the company created new email addresses for its users.  Over the past weekend user’s email addresses were changed to @facebook.com.   Why?  Quite simply, Facebook wants its more than 900 million monthly users to spend more time on the social networking site.  Receiving your FB email through Yahoo or Gmail?  You may be missing it.   But have no fear, there are steps you can take to change your email address back, as outlined in this Plain Dealer article.

The biggest concern among users seems to be not why they did it, but why Facebook made such a change without giving its users advance notice.  It leaves us wondering what additional changes will take place now that the social media giant has gone public.

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