6 Ways Home Remodeling is Like Website Redesign in Senior Living

You know what time of year it is…home remodeling and repair season. As you’re watching HGTV or putting together your own “honey do” list and/or DIY project, you’ve likely been inspired to improve the appearance of your living space.

Have you considered how that translates to your career in senior living marketing?

Redesigning a website, while not identical in scope to remodeling a home, still shares more similarities than you might initially think.

Sometimes with home remodeling, all you need is new carpet and a fresh coat of paint. Other times, you have to tear things down to the studs. The same core principles and concepts apply to sound website redesign in senior living. To help your community apply the same approach to its website, we’re providing additional context. You’ll learn:

  • Six distinct ways senior living website redesign is similar to home remodeling
  • How your senior living marketing team can learn if its current website is “up to code”

Way #1 Home Remodeling is like Website Redesign: Location Pages Are the Kitchen of Your Website

Whether you’re agonizing over putting in that new backsplash or tearing down walls to give your kitchen an open concept; one thing is certain: The kitchen is often a focal point of attention. Your kitchen is the area where family and friends congregate, get comfortable, and share.

The same can be said about the location page for each community in your organization. The location page is the place where prospective seniors and ACIs will click to learn about a specific location’s offerings. As a senior living marketing professional, you want to make your landing page visitors comfortable enough to share their information when filling out a form or call to visit your specific location for a tour.

Are the pictures up-to-date, open, enticing, inviting and a magnet for positive attention? Or, are the content, pictures and forms an eyesore?

If your marketing team identifies that your location pages are the latter and not the former, a redesign and refresh are in order.

Way #2 Home Remodeling is like Website Redesign: Your Family Room is Your Website’s Home Page

A lot of time is spent in your family room. Movies watched, Netflix binged, conversations had, and memories made. A family room is comfortable and entertaining and the first part of your living space that guests enter.

Your senior living website’s home page should serve the same purpose. Most of your website traffic will begin their journey on your home page. Your community’s home page should be used as a jumping off point to other areas of your website (middle and bottom of funnel pages).

When your senior living marketing team checks its time on site in Google Analytics, if it observes that bounce rates and time on site are high for the home page, your team will know that a redesign or changes are necessary.

Way #3 Home Remodeling is like Website Redesign: The Contact Us Page is like a Bathroom

A bathroom should be clean and conversion focused, so people can get in, out and on with their day. Enough said, right?

Your community’s contact us page serves a very important purpose, and people visit it with intention. Keep the focus on your phone number and form. Keep those elements above the fold as the focal point on the page that’s designed to convert.

Anything in addition to the above on the contact us page is the equivalent of fancy soaps, scented candles and framed quotes about peace and love. Great to have, but not necessary without the necessary elements in place.

Way #4 Home Remodeling is like Website Redesign: Your Blog is Your Backyard

Since the primordial days of the cavemen, stories have been shared over the warmth and glow of the campfire.

How different is the fire pit and backyard bonfire of today?

Family and friends spin yarns and share stories to entertain and educate. In fact, we aren’t the first to compare content strategy to a campfire. Medium has drawn the parallel of the campfire to content marketing strategy. Of course, the backyard has more going on than just bonfires, much like the modern blog experience on your senior living community’s website.

The backyard is a popular entertainment area, with a lot going on! A playground or pool for kids (maybe both), a vegetable garden, elegant patio furniture, and a tool shed. Depending on your locale in the country, your backyard or blog can change from day to day or post to post.

Your blog is the hub for top-of-funnel content, drawing thousands of people in from Google. Your community’s blog can range between lighthearted and cultural, or down and dirty to functional, acting like your lawn equipment.

If your community’s blog doesn’t lead site visitors to deeper areas of your website, revisit your personas, tone and range of voice, and calls-to-action. Sometimes, you’ll need to add charcoal to keep the fire going. Other times, your senior living marketing team will need to dig a new fire pit.

Way #5 Home Remodeling is like Website Redesign: Your Linen Closet is Your Privacy Policy and Sitemap

While your senior living marketing team may feel like this area of the website is “boring”, it is undoubtedly necessary, especially to site visitors.

When giving friends a tour of your home, somebody always says “what’s this”, and you likely shift gears to areas of the home that are more inviting and palpable.

Like a quality linen closet, a visible privacy policy gives your website visitors comfort. They may not necessarily need to use it but having a visible privacy policy will legitimize your website with your traffic and will help build necessary trust.

Way #6 Home Remodeling is like Website Redesign: Your Bedroom is Your ‘My Account’ Page

Like a bedroom within a living space, an intranet and internal account is simplistic by design and serves a singular purpose. Your senior living community’s ‘my account’ page, like a bedroom, needs to provide the following qualities:

  • Simplicity
  • Functionality
  • Personal (and private)
  • Comfortable (easy to log into and navigate)

Contact Our Team When Your Community’s Website Needs More Than a new Coat of Paint

With a home remodel, your focus is on big projects. Your executive director may also be focused on higher impact areas on your community’s website. Not that it’s a faulty way of thinking, but if the exterior and/or design looks up to spec and the technical foundations haven’t been adequately addressed, your website performance will suffer.

With faulty wiring and electric, your home won’t pass inspection. With a faulty technical foundation, your website won’t pass Google’s inspection’s (crawlers and spiders), which will impact your website’s ranking on its search engine results page (SERP).

If your senior living marketing team is unsure if your website’s technical, on site, or off-site elements are “up to code” contact our team.

Our team can perform an analytics/marketing diagnostic of your website to see where areas of improvement exist.

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