How Does Marketing Automation Influence my Senior Living Sales Team?

A day in the life of a sales team often includes sending and replying to emails, placing calls, running internal meetings, recurring check-ins with management and more. Weeks are monopolized by essential, but time-consuming tasks. The scrutinization against surpassing quota and occupancy rates creates an urgency to ruthlessly prioritize tasks and prospective residents to meet organizational goals.

How can sales teams get more time devoted to selling and impacting the bottom-line?

Through necessary support that marketing automation provides, the right marketing automation platform can shorten lengthy sales cycles and streamline lead management and reporting.

Continue reading to learn how marketing automation positively influences and supports senior living sales teams.

Productivity and a Full Pipeline: The Marketing Automation Difference

Marketing automation alleviates pressure by providing necessary sales automated support. This gives teams the freedom to be more productive, focused and attuned to the needs of prospective residents to convert into move-ins. The best part? Automation is tailored to minimize manual labor and provide solutions including, but not limited to:

  • Syncing sales contacts with a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) platform
  • Automating email workflows and setting up drip campaigns
  • Creating unique call tracking numbers for measurable channel attribution
  • Scheduling and managing social posts
  • Sending notifications to sales teams in real-time
  • Building lead profiles, the moment the initial digital touchpoint occurs

Automation streamlines time-consuming, albeit necessary activities without sacrificing customization in the process. Instances of agonizing over the subject line and copy in an email to prospects are reduced once automation is leveraged. These marketing efforts are able to be customized to each marketing campaign recipient with their dynamically inserted first name, last name, even birthday, among others.

Marketing automation performs these tasks at scale, eliminating the cumbersome one-off tasks. This added productivity reduces the instances of sales teams having to worry about leaky sales funnels and priorities slipping through the cracks. According to the Enquire 2018 | 2019 Annual Senior Housing and Post-Acute Sales and Marketing Benchmark Report, sales teams utilizing marketing automation see an increase of 25% in productivity and a 21% decrease in sales cycle length.

Using automation, sales stays laser-focused on setting up visits with qualified leads, growing net-new leads, net-new tours, net-new residents and keeping the pipeline full, but manageable. Given the lengthy move in cycle in senior living, productivity is paramount. As senior living sales teams assess and analyze performance against their goals, if the opportunity to improve prospecting capabilities and gain greater control over lead flow are recognized, marketing automation and CRM investments become indispensable assets.

Fix Your Leaky Sales Funnel and Download the Guide to Modern Marketing Automation

With the right marketing automation platform in place, senior living providers can collaborate deeper and accomplish more. We hope the Guide to Modern Marketing Automation for Senior Living assists your sales team toward that goal as it prepares to make 2020 a watershed year.

For questions regarding marketing automation or CRM platforms, please contact Delaine Blazek, Enquire VP of Sales, Senior Living.

If questions arise about integrating marketing automation and CRM platforms with analytics after claiming your copy of the Guide, contact our team. We’ll be happy to answer your questions.

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