How Call Tracking Improves the Performance of Senior Living Marketing | MarTech Series

Due to Covid-19, senior living providers are increasing their investments in marketing technology, also known as MarTech. Among the various MarTech tools available to providers, call tracking is an essential investment that helps marketing teams identify the exact source or channel that drove a phone call or inquiry.

What is call tracking exactly? And, how does it help providers determine the effectiveness of its marketing campaigns? In this installment of the MarTech series, we provide those answers. Continue reading to learn:

  • A definition of call tracking
  • Some of the benefits of adding call tracking numbers to your marketing campaigns

What is Call Tracking?

Call tracking is the method of creating and assigning a unique trackable phone number to each marketing source. For example, your Google PPC campaign will have a different number than a landing page on your website or a postcard that you mailed. While the numbers all route to the same place, you’ll know exactly the origin of the call and can better understand which platform is driving the most calls.

Any industry that still receives an influx of phone calls, like senior living, should consider adding call tracking software to its list of MarTech solutions. With call tracking in place, senior living marketing teams have analytical data that it can directly tie back to its marketing platforms and campaigns. Some call tracking software solutions also have the functionality of being able to record phone calls, which can be played back to the team for training purposes.

After applying call tracking to its marketing campaigns, senior care providers will receive the following benefits:

Lower cost per lead (CPL) and improved ROI

According to McKnight’s, the average cost for a senior living lead is $431. From that same study, McKnight’s concluded that leads in the healthcare sector and medical industry came in at $282.50 on average. While lead generation continues to be one of the biggest challenges for senior care providers, the data that call tracking provides can help communities produce lower CPLs across channels.

Call tracking helps senior living marketing teams allocate budget accordingly to the channel or campaign that drives phone calls for the lowest cost. This metric is determined from the cost per acquisition for each channel, which helps your team determine how much each individual lead costs your community to acquire. Over time, this strategic allocation helps your community prioritize channels that are performing better for the cost, thus lowering CPLs and improving ROI in one fell swoop.

Manage and compare advertising channels

With call tracking, your senior living marketing team can identify which marketing channel is driving phone calls and conversions. This data makes it easier to compare the performance of digital channels versus traditional and can even be segmented by the individual campaign based on the unique call tracking phone number assigned to that campaign.

For example, a PPC advertising campaign may drive more phone calls than a direct mail piece. By having a unique phone number for each channel, your team can compare which campaign was more effective. Using that same example, your community may dig deeper into the data to see why a specific campaign didn’t perform to your expectations. Your team could A/B test different messaging within a campaign to see if a certain call-to-action produced a phone call, while all other elements of a campaign is held constant.

Constantly comparing the performance of your advertising channels with call tracking leads to smarter budget allocation. And when your team tests the different elements of its campaign such as its messaging, offer or call-to-action, your senior living marketing team will create more effective campaigns that perform better, using call tracking data to inform these insights.

DialogTech outlined the insights from a study conducted by Forrester and determined that callers convert 30% faster than web-based leads. So, effectively tracking phone calls from each source will help your community drive more of this engagement with its campaigns.

Let our Call Tracking Experts Optimize Your Campaigns to Drive Leads

Earning a phone call can be challenging enough, and without the proper tracking, senior living marketing teams may be overspending for its leads during a time when remaining cost-effective and efficient is paramount. If your community is struggling to determine where its most profitable leads are coming from, or needs help utilizing call tracking to create more effective advertising campaigns, contact our team.

We’ll lend our expertise, based on the experience of executing call tracking for hundreds of online and offline advertising campaigns, to help your community make the most of its MarTech solutions.

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