How to Maximize Display Ad Campaigns to Attract Job Seekers in Senior Living | Leveraging the Rule of 30

Imagine this scenario: a lead clicks through to a landing page on your website from one of your community’s job postings. That individual then proceeds to click to your blog, careers page and back to the landing page that brought them to your website but does not apply for one of your positions.

Is that lead not interested in working at your community, or is there more to the story? Wordstream reports the average landing page conversion rate is 2.35%. From our data in senior living, the average conversion rate is slightly higher, at 3.21%. That said, for senior living recruitment purposes, the leads that didn’t convert are not lost forever. They might just need more convincing to pursue employment at your community.

What is the most cost-effective way to reengage these leads? For many organizations, display advertising is one of the best solutions. How can you position your community’s display ad campaigns for success? Check out these tactics below.

First, we’ll present a quick refresher on display advertising. And continue reading to learn two methods to significantly improve the performance of display campaigns. Lastly, we’ll share how Linkmedia 360’s turnkey staffing and recruitment program helps providers meet staffing requirements in a highly competitive job market.

What is Display Advertising?

Display advertising is when a company promotes a product or service using a combination of images, text and video on relevant third-party websites. These ads are typically in the form of a banner ad or ads that feature text and images on advertising-supported websites. If you visit the website for a news organization or a blog, there’s a strong chance that you’ll come across several display ads while scrolling.

Common networks to leverage are the Google Display Network and Facebook, which boasts an extensive network of publisher websites. In fact, according to Google, the Display Network reaches over 90% of global internet users across 2 million websites. While that is a very large net to cast to attract leads for senior living staffing, there are ways to refine your audience to ensure your display ads reach your intended audience.

To learn more about display advertising channels and how to leverage them to meet your goals, click on the thumbnail below and download your copy of the Senior Living Programmatic Display Guide.

Method One | Utilize Custom Intent Audiences

With custom intent audiences, your senior living community will specifically pinpoint and show display ads to people who have previously interacted with your community. This is possible when senior living communities define their audience through segmentation. These segmented ad groups will target individuals based on keywords and apps that are related to your community.

For example, your community could create a custom intent audience to show display ads to people whose search history indicates they are looking for a job or have experience in hospitality industries. This will ensure that your senior living recruitment campaign reaches its ideal audience to meet its staffing goals. The example above is only one type of custom intent audience your community can target via display ads.

Method Two | Follow the ‘Rule of 30’ with Responsive Display Ads

A responsive display ad automatically adjusts its size, appearance, and format to fit the ad space available in the Google Display Network. Within this is the ability for customization, which is strongly encouraged. Since it’s unlikely that the same copy, headline and image will attract every prospective candidate, your community can provide several variations of text, images and headlines to see which combination is the most effective.

As a best practice, try providing Google with up to 15 images, 5 headlines, 5 descriptions and 5 logos. Google will combine the elements for you based on what it thinks will generate clicks to your job posting. By providing these variations, Google can then test these out for your community with the sole purpose of improving your senior living recruitment efforts.

Partner With Linkmedia 360 for Senior Living Staffing and Recruiting

To supplement a community’s display campaign and help providers capture an influx of job seekers, Linkmedia 360 created a turnkey online recruitment strategy consisting of paid search and social media advertising. Fill out the form below to improve your senior living staffing and recruitment efforts for any of your locations!

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This new program utilizes the following channels to maximize the visibility and impact of senior living recruitment and staffing strategies:

  • Pay Per Click (PPC) search advertising
  • Display advertising
  • Facebook
  • Facebook Jobs
  • Facebook careers retargeting
  • Boosted posts

Display campaigns are a cost-effective way reengage with candidates that have interacted with your community but haven’t officially applied for a position. Our team is here to help your community improve its display campaigns to attract motivated job seekers. Contact our team with any questions your staff has in terms of improving its senior living recruitment and staffing strategies.

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