How Guides and Interactive Planners Help You Book Campus Tours | FIFF Episode 2

Does it Thump When You Drop It?

What role do guides and other digital assets play in your resident acquisition strategies? Are they used to capture the interest and intent of potential residents? Do they showcase your community’s unique and special value?

For years senior living marketers have relied on beautifully printed publications to be shared during an on-site visit. Can we use these publications and other digital media tools to capture the names of prospective residents before they’re ready to tour?

Please join us this week on Fresh Insights from Fresh Faces we discuss how guides and other digital media assets help you book campus tours.

What is a Guide?

  • A guide is part of the decision-making toolkit that can help your users choose your community over a competitor. These tools also add an interactive element to your website.

The Main Benefits of a Guide

Guides have many great uses, including but not limited to:

  • Great resource of insight and information – how to, what to expect – to build reputation and trust
  • Elevates the brand by sharing useful, problem-solving content
  • Harmonizes the offline and online experiences
  • Supports your lead generation goals

Our Review of Other Tools to Consider

We review several other tools you should consider to help you book campus tours.

  • Interactive floor planner
  • Care survey
  • Cost calculators
  • Rate sheets
  • Maps
  • Fly-through videos of campus
  • Live chat
  • Resident stories/testimonials 

What’s Your Favorite Approach?

Please let us know.


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