How Live Chat Improves Engagement for Senior Living Community Websites

People are flocking to websites during Covid-19 seeking answers to questions. Does your senior living community have resources to meet this demand?

Luckily, by integrating marketing technology (MarTech) like live chat for websites, senior living marketing teams can have a solution in place. MarTech is the intersection where marketing and technology meet. This series of MarTech solutions for senior living explores how to incorporate MarTech into sales and marketing workflows to keep sales funnels active with interested leads.

But, how does live chat lead to increased engagement, and what are some of the benefits providers receive after implementing conversational marketing?

We provide answers to each question below. Continue reading to learn:

  • A definition of live chat for websites, and how it helps senior living marketing teams
  • The benefits of live chat support for senior living providers

What is Live Chat and how Does it Improve Senior Living Marketing?

Have you visited a website and seen a popup like ‘Hi! Do you have any questions or need help finding something?’ That is an example of live chat for websites. Live chat support provides instantaneous answers for real customers in real-time. The example below shows what conversational marketing looks like in action on a senior living community’s website.

The immediacy and engagement live chat for websites leads to a more satisfying website experience that ladders up to an increase in sales. CrazyEgg cites that 38% of consumers are more likely to buy from a company if it offers live chat support. In addition to providing a more engaging website experience for prospective residents and ACIs, live chat provides the following benefits to senior living providers:

24/7 Sales Support – Your conversational marketing solution answers questions and provides helpful resources that alleviates the burden of sales teams having to reply to every inquiry via email. This keeps sales teams focused on the leads that are most likely to become a move in, while live chat support nurtures qualified leads until they are ready to have a conversation with a staff member. Additionally, having proactive support increases customer trust and customer satisfaction, which in turn leads to an increase in sales.

A Competitive Differentiator – While conversational marketing is not a new MarTech solution, it isn’t leveraged as much as you might think. Research from SuperOffice found that only 9% of companies use live chat on their website. Meaning, if your community offers live chat on its website, it will favorably stand out among your competition.

Opens Conversations and Improves Conversions – The majority of traffic visiting your community’s website for the first time will be in a state of research and information gathering. Therefore, their questions will be considered high-level and top of the funnel. That said, a conversation that provides a stellar website experience can naturally lead to an appointment that capitalizes on the initial inquiry. Studies have shown  that live chat support can drive three to five times more conversions than websites that don’t have this functionality.

Let Our Team of Live Chat Experts Drive Conversions for Your Website

As Senior Housing News reported, live chat for websites has benefitted providers across the spectrum. That said, if your community isn’t sure where to start, or has additional questions if it still isn’t sold on the concept, contact our team. We’ll be happy to provide specific use cases where live chat support and conversational marketing has lead to better engagement that ladders up to improved ROI and census.

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