Tips to Leverage Owned Channels to Improve Senior Living Recruitment

McKnight’s recently highlighted the senior living staffing crisis, citing a 44% year-over-year turnover rate. In the hyper competitive battle for talent, senior living providers must leverage every channel available to meet staffing requirements. And, there are plenty of channels to choose from…to the point of being overwhelming.

Luckily, there are cost effective ways to gain the visibility your community needs for its job postings through its ‘owned’ channels. Continue reading to learn more about these specific owned channels, and tips to leverage them further to improve your senior living recruitment efforts.

Amplify Job Openings on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter

If your senior living community has a presence on any or all of these social platforms, consider creating posts for each of your job openings. These posts can link directly to your community’s careers page. Additionally, tracking page entrances on social platforms should be easy for your senior living marketing team. This gives HR an added boost in terms of seeing which social platform produces the best results for your recruitment and staffing efforts.

Additionally, tools like Hootsuite can help senior living providers schedule and publish these updates during peak posting hours. This enables your message to have the greatest likelihood to entice motivated job seekers. Additionally, social media job postings open the door to another effective way to expand the reach of your message: your employees.

A staff that actively shares job postings on social media can be a potent way to expand your recruitment efforts. Algorithms on social media platforms amplify posts from individuals over that of companies. So, any additional likes, comments or shares that are generated through a current employee sharing a job posting on their personal profile further amplifies the reach and effectiveness of your senior living staffing efforts. Whether mandating employees to share open positions on their personal profiles or leaving it up to their discretion, the benefits of expanding your open positions visibility cannot be understated. Consider a scenario where a qualified job seeker doesn’t follow your community but is connected to one of your employees on social media.

The conversation and eventual referral could help your community attract an ideal candidate. Statistics show that 1 out of every 5 referrals get hired, and 70% of employers felt referred hires fit a company’s culture and values better than candidates that were not referred. By posting your available positions on social media, your senior living community can capitalize on each of these opportunities at little to no cost.

Publish A Job-Related Google Post to Your Google My Business Profile

Another cost-effective way to expand the reach of your senior living recruitment efforts is through Google My Business (GMB). Creating a listing for your community on GMB will ensure your website, location, services, contact information and reviews appear in search results when an individual searches for your community by name.

Having a claimed and verified GMB listing will boost your community’s credibility. This is especially true if a motivated job seeker sees that your community has a claimed GMB listing and your competition has not. When prospective employees research your community, having all the necessary information available speeds up the submission process – if job seekers like what they read.

By creating a Google Post that leads candidates to your careers page, your community will have additional free visibility for its job postings that leads directly back to your website. A date can be set to indicate when this ‘event’ ends, which creates urgency for interested applicants. Keep in mind, your community may have to amend the copy for its job description, so it fits within the designated character threshold. Ultimately, an optimized, up to date GMB profile will help your community the following ways:

  • More reviews
  • Accessible location information for local searches (via Google Maps)
  • Boosted SEO rankings/added visibility
  • Credibility
  • A resource for eager candidates to reach directly out to your community

…among others. GMB is one of the most cost-effective owned channels to entice motivated candidates.

Partner With Linkmedia 360 for Senior Living Staffing and Recruiting

To supplement a community’s owned channels on social media and GMB and help providers capture the influx of job seekers, Linkmedia 360 created a turnkey online recruitment strategy consisting of paid search and social media advertising. Fill out the form below to improve your senior living staffing and recruitment efforts for any of your locations!

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This new program utilizes the following channels to maximize the visibility and impact of senior living recruitment and staffing strategies:

  • Pay Per Click (PPC) search advertising
  • Display advertising
  • Facebook
  • Facebook Jobs
  • Facebook careers retargeting
  • Boosted posts

Owned channels are a cost-effective way to get your open positions in front of qualified candidates. Oftentimes, additional channels will be required to meet stringent staffing goals. We’re also here to help your community through that process. Contact our team with any questions your staff has in terms of improving its senior living recruitment and staffing strategies.


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