3 Strategies When Marketing to Generation X for Senior Living Providers

The crumbling of the Berlin Wall. The Great Recession of 07/08. The show ‘Friends’. Generation X has witnessed and experienced major shifts in the world, workforce, and in culture over the course of their lifetime. Gen Xers have had a direct impact on the digital and technological transformations that have taken place, but unlike millennials, Gen Xers have more than just fond memories of analog, as most of them reached adulthood before the internet took off.

Gen Xers are true iconoclasts, which might lend credence to why this generation has been labeled everything from ‘America’s Neglected Middle Child’ by Pew Research Center in 2014 to veritable work and game changers in a recent article from CNBC.

One things for certain: Gen Xers may be sandwiched between baby boomers and millennials, but they’re in the driver’s seat of their parent’s decision to become a resident at a community.

But how influential is Generation X? Care.com cites that 73% of seniors involve their children in the decision to live at a community. Which means depending on the demographic data your senior living marketing team has, may make this adult-child influencer the main cohort your team targets in its generational marketing strategy.

In this post, we’re giving Generation X the spotlight. Your senior living marketing team will learn:

  • 3 Strategies your community can take when it’s marketing to Generation X

3 Ways Your Senior Living Marketing Team can Resonate with Today’s Generation X ACI

The modern-day Gen Xer has seasoned experience in the workforce, and is also hopefully skilled at balancing family time. So, your senior living marketing team will need to get strategic with its approach to this on-the-go ACI. Our first strategy addresses the fragmented attention and time the typical Gen Xer faces.

Strategy #1: Use Retargeting to Reengage With the Gen X ACI

Your senior living marketing team shouldn’t expect to convert every visitor on your website. But you also know that to reach and surpass occupancy goals, your team will need to minimize the amount of quality leads leaving, never to return. Retargeting is a great way to stay top-of-mind with the ACI who visited your site but didn’t fill out a form or call.

Mail Chimp cites that as much as 97% of website traffic leaves without converting into a customer – which in the case of your senior living marketing strategy – equates to a tour or eventual move-in. What makes retargeting such a powerful tactic is that the Generation X ACI who sees the ad for your community already visited your site, and the likelihood for outreach increases the more times your ad is seen.

Gen Xers own multiple devices and have fragmented time between their careers and family life, and retargeting fits in the sweet spot where an ad for your community could reach them at the ideal time for them to reach back out to your team.

Strategy #2: Add Email Marketing Into Your Generational Marketing Mix

Like a well-worn routine, most working professionals check their email before they even get out of their bed in the morning. Okay, while an email consumer survey report conducted by Adobe states that only 26% of working professionals check their email in bed in the morning, 89% of people check their email at least once a day.

While the opportunity exists to engage further with your Gen X ACI via email, keep these email best practices in mind, so your outreach doesn’t come across as spammy:

  • Don’t bombard your email subscribers with daily updates, but keep the outreach consistent – balance frequency with email fatigue
  • Be personalized when you can (such as after an ACI attends a tour with their parents – a ‘thank you’ email adds a personalized touch)
  • Frequently check open rates
  • Test different headlines to find out what type of emails resonate best with your Gen X ACI

Similar to retargeting, email marketing takes the busy, fragmented lifestyle of the typical Gen Xer into account, and creates another opportunity for the Gen X ACI to reach out to your senior living marketing team.

Strategy #3: Attract the Attention of the Gen X ACI With Social Media Marketing

In the first part of the generational marketing series for senior living marketers, we mentioned that overlaps will occur when engaging the Millennial and Gen X ACI’s. Social media marketing is a prime example, though marketing to Generation X requires a different approach than that of the Millennial.

While a Millennial ACI appreciates content that showcases the events, outings, and slice of life moments at a community, the Gen X ACI may be more concerned with content specific to your care options. This isn’t to say that the Gen X ACI wouldn’t be interested in that content as well, but due to their busy career and family life, will need bottom-of-the-funnel content that addresses the questions and concerns the Gen X ACI has. To ensure you reach them, try the following:

  • Paid ads that target the specific age ranges of the Gen X ACI
  • Use Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram to engage with the Gen X ACI
  • Post updates that link out to the content your senior living community is writing, to encourage the Gen X ACI to continue clicking to move them further down the funnel

The latest data from Pew Research shows at least 78% of Generation X uses at least one social network

Marketing to Generation X Doesn’t Have to Clash With Your Strategy: Get to Influencing the Influencer

Generational marketing requires a great deal of forethought, but we hope after reading through our recommendations when marketing to Millennials and marketing to Generation X, that your team is better prepared. If your senior living marketing team has any additional recommendations, or has a specific question regarding generational marketing, feel free to contact our team. We’ll be happy to help your community create compelling messaging that resonates with the generation you need to influence.

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