The Impact Theme Pages can have on Your Senior Living Marketing Strategy

Does your senior living community’s website make it easy for Google, Bing, and other search engines to find out about your services? Do you have a thematic approach to this process, or does it appear like a simple list of services?

Marissa Centofanti, Director of Solutions at Linkmedia 360, advises client partners through the ins and outs of digital marketing and lends her expertise to this important aspect that some senior living marketer’s may overlook.

What’s in a Theme? We Dive into the Benefits for Senior Living Marketers

Marissa explains that senior living community sites that aren’t focused on key themes are missing on traffic and conversions. Does EACH page on your senior living community’s website have the following?

  • A specific theme?
  • A unique page for each of your services (IL, AL, SN, MC) tailored for site visitors?
  • Keywords implemented and optimized for each specific page?

When building out your website structure, it’s important to take the time to understand the key theme for each unique page. Taking this time will impact your overall visibility for your community’s benefit. Answer these four questions so Google doesn’t have to:

  1. Who your senior living community is
  2. Who your senior living communities services apply to
  3. What your community does (be specific to differentiate from competition)
  4. Where your community provides services geographically

The Theme Is: Having More People Discover Your Senior Living Community!

To sum it up, here’s a foolproof three step process to streamline your site efforts.

  1. Pick a theme (IL, MC, AL, SN) for a page
  2. Make that specific page ALL about that theme
  3. Choose researched keywords to optimize on that specific page so Google and people know what the page’s content is all about

We understand that your senior living community has a ton going on and wants to articulate as much as it can to prospective residents and their adult children who heavily influence their parent’s decision. Take the teams recommendations to heart, and your site will begin to have traffic on pages where you’ll know the exact interest and intent, instead of having to guess around on user behavior based on a page with all of your services.

By sticking to a theme, your senior living community will make it as easy as possible for Google to find your site for what it’s relevant for. Of course, if your team has a question, feel free to contact us. We’ll do our best to streamline your sites structure, so it adheres to a key theme that’s optimized and ready for traffic.

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