Go Beyond Admission Staff Calls to Gauge Rehab Marketing Effectiveness

A telltale sign of success for many drug rehabilitation centers is the sound of the admissions staff swamped with calls. While phone lines jammed with inquiries is a good problem to have, your staff only has so many hours in a day to respond. So to exceed occupancy goals, you will have to ensure that their time is well spent.

To support this effort, drug treatment centers will need to factor in alternative ways to measure whether rehab marketing is working (aside from hearing the phone ring). Read on to learn:

  • How organic SEO drives both quality and quantity inquiries for addiction center lead generation
  • 2 ways aside from the number of phone calls to determine if your rehab marketing strategy is driving the right interest for your programs

How Organic SEO can Drive Interest and Action from Qualified Intakes

Organic SEO can balance the delicate needs of an intake, while supporting rehab marketing goals. When your center focuses on implementing researched keywords and optimizing the website for those key terms, it increases the likelihood of connecting with individuals searching for queries relevant to your offerings.

A solid organic SEO strategy will earn your drug rehab visibility with those who would benefit from your programs. Organic SEO incorporates digital marketing disciplines and best practices (200+ ranking factors alone) that combine to drive traffic and qualified leads that when nurtured and ready, will call your admissions staff.

#1 way to tell if Rehab Marketing Efforts are Working: Form Submissions

Chances are, when a user clicks to visit your site, they will be directed to a landing page. This landing page has the potential to convert prospective intakes with a form. Addiction center lead generation is made easier with a well-placed form that has the right call-to-action, CTA, to convert prospective intakes.

Wordstream cites that only 52% of companies that use landing pages test them to find ways where they can improve conversions. So, a “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” approach won’t work with conversion rate optimization (CRO), or effective landing page forms. To set your drug rehabilitation center up for form submission success, apply:

  • A/B Split tests to determine if one form converts better than another
  • Track the number of form submissions over a given period of time in Google Analytics
  • No more than 10 (but ideally 3) form fields for users to fill out
  • Test different CTAs to determine which converts site visitors
  • Place forms “above the fold”, or on the top of the page to save users from scrolling

#2 Way to tell if Rehab Marketing Efforts are Working: Referral Traffic

According to Nielsen, 92% of consumers trust referrals from people they know. Business owners understand the power of referral, or “word of mouth” traffic. In some industries, it’s the difference between making a day’s sales goals. Within the addiction industry, a referral literally has the power to save a life.

To make the most of your treatment center’s referral program, set up the following:

  • Showcase success stories on social media (with a recovered addict’s permission) and in your content marketing efforts
  • Conduct exit polls with intakes upon completion of a program
  • Create surveys asking if an intake would refer a family member or friend

Extole reports that the lifetime value of referred customers is 16% higher than that of non-referred customers. Meaning, referral traffic can create a positive feedback loop that can snowball when a dedicated strategy is put behind it.

Addiction Center Lead Generation is More than Calls

There are additional ways to source engagement and interest in your treatment facilities’ levels of recovery beyond the phone lines to supplement rehab marketing efforts. But if your team has any questions or needs additional clarification, contact our team. We’ll do our best to help your drug rehabilitation center keep its admission staff busy with qualified calls.

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