How to Nurture Leads with Email Marketing Automation in Senior Living

What’s in your typical morning or evening routine? We would guess that checking work or personal email is in the mix somewhere. You’re not alone. In fact, 89% of Americans check their email at least once a day.

Of the 89% of Americans, 35.9% say they don’t find marketing emails to be useful.

What gives?

Our inboxes are bombarded by email offers, but all emails are not created equal. Certain headlines and content will grab and keep our attention, versus spammy emails that go straight to the trash bin. So, how does a senior living marketing practitioner create emails that won’t be deleted because they cut through inbox clutter?

Apply a gardener’s mentality. Begin nurturing your prospective leads with email full of educational content until they’re ready to pick up the phone.

B.C. Forbes, founder of Forbes Magazine, sums it up best: “It is only the farmer who faithfully plants seeds in the Spring, who reaps a harvest in the Autumn.”

Today, your senior living marketing team will learn the tactics necessary to plant the seeds of a healthy email marketing automation program to nurture your leads:

  • Three tactics that nurture leads through email marketing automation

Tactic #1: Deliver Engaging, Relevant Content

Your senior living marketing team has done an admirable job of creating compelling content and featuring it on your site. Why not take that content a step further and share it with your email subscribers?

After your community has developed its custom workflows for each level of care that’s segmented, it can curate new content that speaks to those leads and share it via email. Or, your team can use archived content that’s already been written. In either case, there’s a strong probability the leads you’re nurturing with email marketing automation will appreciate the content your team has worked hard to write.

This opens the door to sharing premium, gated pieces of content your community has created. Relevant, authoritative content develops a level of trust with your brand that other marketing collateral can’t do justice. And if your community has invested time, capital, and talent to deliver downloadable assets, make them available to prospective leads! It may make their living decision easier, while setting your community up as the place that helped them along that stage in the buyer’s journey. It’s the equivalent to plucking the best (premium) vegetable from your garden and preparing it for friends.

Tactic #2: Match Calls-to-Action (CTAs) to the Buyer’s Journey Based on Your CRM/EMA Data

Speaking of buyer’s journeys, each lead your community is nurturing with email marketing automation will be at a different stage. Some prospective residents are at the beginning of the buyer’s journey, so the CTA “schedule your tour” wouldn’t be applicable. For those residents, maybe they’re merely looking to learn more.

At that point, the CTA “continue reading” or “click for related articles” would better match their need state. Your sales team will be able to help your senior living marketing team craft compelling CTAs that help them serve census goals. But it’s imperative your team matches the appropriate CTA to where the lead falls in the buyer’s journey. Otherwise, it won’t nurture, resonate, or convert.

For this, look to leverage data. Your senior living CRM contains useful sales data that can be leveraged and integrated with your email marketing automation data. Continually test CTAs and track open rates to gauge how effective your CTAs are at converting the leads you’re nurturing.
Again, based on where that lead falls in the buyer’s journey, it may not require the blunt force of “tour today”. We’re in the game of nurturing leads. But like your garden, taking the time to nurture leads with email marketing automation yields benefits.

Tactic #3: Set up Forms that Segment Leads into Correct Workflows

No garden is cultivated to flourish without taking the specific needs of each plant/vegetable into consideration. Tomatoes require a different approach than peppers to reach their full growth potential. Just like an independent living resident requires a different approach compared to your memory care resident.

Does your senior living marketing team have a distinct workflow that addresses each unique level of care your community offers? If all inbound leads get directed to the same individual or templated email campaign, your community is leaving occupancy opportunities on the table. Instead, include a form providing options that your email prospects can choose to route them to the proper level of care.

Based on that level of care that’s segmented, there should be an automated workflow that feels personalized to that individual.

Automate Your Senior Living Emails for a Sunny 2019

As your senior living community looks to create every efficiency it can before the end of the year, implement the tactics we provided. Our team has helped senior living communities all across the U.S. make the most of their email marketing automation programs. We can recommend additional tactic your senior living marketing team may be unaware of due to the hundreds of hours our team has spent helping practitioners.

We understand what it takes to run a successful strategy in senior living. Rely on our expertise and call our team! We’ll create a solution customized to your specific needs. Carry on, cultivate and nurture your leads with email, and watch sales grow.

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