Seven Tips on How to Promote a Website in Senior Living After Redesign

What a journey it’s been. Months of meetings, wireframing, strategic discussions with the C-suite, countless considerations and nearly sleepless nights…it’s finally time.

Your community just finished redesigning its website. The euphoria from your senior living marketing team peaks from the accomplished project, but a sudden mix of excitement and anxiety overcomes you as you think, “How are we going to share this with the world?”

Will your community rely on a conventional promotional strategy like a standard Press Release? (yawn).

Or, will your community get creative in how to promote a website that will reestablish your community in the eyes of residents and ACIs?

Those are tough questions to answer. And as you know, the real work has just begun. There are a lot of stakeholders to make happy, including your prospective senior resident.

In this post, we’re sharing tips on how to promote a website after extensive redesigns. You’ll learn:

  • Seven tips to implement as your senior living community promotes its redesigned website

Tip #1: Write a Piece of Content to Update Existing Subscribers

Your senior living marketing team can use content as an additional channel to distribute the update about your redesigned website. The content could take the form of a blog post, infographic, or video with a transcription.

Your content marketing team could play up the angle that your community redesigned its site to provide a better experience for the ACI’s of your current residents who live far away. Another talking point could be that your redesigned site has new features or additions that make it a welcoming experience for new visitors, too.

ProTip: Don’t go for purely promotional, obvious content topics when addressing your site’s redesign. Initial concepts your senior living marketing team can use include:

  • Your team reflecting on what it learned after this ambitious project
  • Some tips for navigating your redesigned website
  • New features on your redesigned website that resident/ACIs should check out

If your community digs deep, it will mine topics that can address your redesigned site while providing additional value for those who discover your content.

Tip #2: Seek a Handful of Influencers to Share Your Redesigned Website with Their Network

Is there a local personality that’s well-known in your community? Whether it’s a prominent doctor, mayor, head nurse at a hospital, or even employee who’s actively involved in your community – leverage their network!

An ideal scenario would be that the influencer’s parent is staying at your community, and the redesigned website makes it easy to keep tabs on community events and their parent’s schedule at-a-glance. That kind of endorsement is priceless, and if your community has such an opportunity at its disposal, take advantage of it.

Chances are, that won’t be the case, and your community will need to woo a local influencer with a different approach. Once your community has approached a local influencer willing to promote your redesigned site with their network, look to imbue their endorsement with as much authenticity as possible.

If your influencer outreach was successful, your senior living marketing team will be fielding requests it would have never received before.

Tip #3: Create and invite People to a “Launch Party” Event via Facebook

After all the work your team put in to get the redesign from concept to completion, you’re due for some celebrating. Use that moment to foster deeper connections with prospective residents by inviting them to take part in the celebration. Your senior living marketing team should take pictures during the launch party to promote on other social media channels your community has a presence on.

In addition, your marketing team can use the launch party as an additional piece of content to promote the redesigned website. In lieu of a formal press release, that piece of content can check off the mandatory boxes that a press release would, but in a conversational tone.

During the redesign launch party, gather honest feedback from attendees who are browsing the new site. Take notes to discover any UX stumbling blocks that visitors are encountering. Also, take tons of pictures! These can be used in marketing collateral or pushed out to other social media platforms.

Tip #4: Host a Facebook Live Event

Separate from your launch party, the Facebook livestream should cover features and functionality. For example, if your redesigned site has a revamped interactive floor planner, spotlight it! The Facebook Live event should take a deep dive into cool new features your senior living marketing team wants its audience to know about.

Don’t waste their time by simply scrolling through pages. Have an agenda outlined before going Live to keep your audience engaged throughout the stream. Also, to keep engagement levels high, be interactive with your audience. Your community can deviate from the script slightly if the individual hosting the Live event is well-versed with the redesign. In fact, encourage viewers to provide feedback during the Livestream to garner free insights.

Consider this: Facebook Live videos receive six times as many interactions as regular videos. So, have your senior living community put its best foot forward by spotlighting the most interesting features your redesigned site has to offer.

Tip #5: Update Senior Living Marketing Collateral to Reflect the Redesigned Website

In terms of providing a consistent experience both online and in-person, your community should use this new digital asset as an opportunity to refresh your branding. This is especially true if the redesign is due to a corporate re-branding effort.

In any case, updated marketing collateral opens the opportunity to re-engaging with prospects who may have grown accustomed to your previous advertisements but were unphased by them. This proactive approach will keep your senior living marketing efforts consistent and will (re)set the tone the redesign is accomplishing.

Tip #6: Schedule a Local Spotlight with Newspaper, Radio, or Magazine Affiliates

Use your redesigned website as an excuse to reach out to your local points of contact. Your senior living marketing team allocates a portion of its annual budget to radio and newspaper/magazine outlets. So, use that as leverage to negotiate for any free publicity your community can receive. Keep in mind, you don’t have to push your weight around to accomplish this task. You want a favorable relationship with these affiliates after all.

We would recommend your community uses an event that could be considered newsworthy (an annual gala, a holiday food drive, etc.) to earn the interview/spotlight. During the interview, address how your redesigned website amplifies the promotion of the event.

For example, you could state that an update or final tally will be provided on your blog. This will encourage the public to visit your site to receive the conclusion to your event.

Tip #7: Hang a Banner in Your Front Office Window

Chances are, your senior living marketing and sales team passes the front office during tours. Use the sign hanging in your front window as a friendly reminder to bring up your redesigned website. Your team can leverage the redesign as a talking point to illustrate the commitment your community has toward reinvesting in the appearance of its campus and its online appearance/performance. The discussion can branch off into any number of areas beyond that.

A Redesigned Website Deserves the Right Promotional Strategy. Does Your Community Have one?

Walking the promotional tightrope is tough. On the one hand, we want to notify anyone and everyone that our newly minted digital asset is ready to be used and enjoyed. On the other hand, it’s easy to veer into a pure sales message that comes across as obnoxious or uninteresting. Finding the right balance is key.

By using any or all the tips provided above, hopefully your community will strike the right balance with how to promote a website after a redesign project. And, hopefully your senior living marketing team realizes that there are creative ways to communicate a website redesign beyond sending a Press Release to the wires.

Don’t implement just one of the tips above and call it a “promotional strategy”. If your community does that, it will leave lucrative opportunities to develop an audience on the table. Our team has redesigned countless senior living websites for provider partners and can use our collective experience to help your community. Call us, and we can tell you all about it.

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