The Hacker’s Guide to Checking Your SEO Rankings

Senior living marketers, does this scenario sound familiar? You’re sitting in a meeting with board members and they begin ‘Googling’ your senior living community to check its ranking and position online. Are random queries a fair approximation of your senior living community’s success?

Phil dives into several ways to prove the efforts of your senior living marketing strategy to your board of directors. First, your community should invest in a keyword tracking tool. It’s one of the easiest ways to see where your community’s website is ranking.

There are factors you may not even realize that impact the results you see on your specific device.

Personalization Equals Reality With SERP Results

There are 200+ factors that weigh into your senior living community’s local visibility. Some of them include:

Google My Business Signals

  • Link Signals
  • On-Page Signals
  • Review Signals
  • Personalization
  • Social Signals

Wait, personalization?

The Personalization Gap by Tom Fishburne

Personalization means that Google customizes your personal search engine results page to provide a better search experience. It uses your search history, location, and additional factors to provide the most relevant result it can. To remove personalization from Google that comprises 10% of a ranking factor, simply go in ‘Incognito Mode’.

Wait, so Even the Context of the User Impacts my Ranking?

It’s true. Say that two people typing the same exact query into Google were standing next to each other. If neither one of them went in Incognito Mode and removed their personalization, they would each see slightly different results. Look for the guy with the “hat and glasses” for help.

Outside of Incognito Mode, your senior living marketing team’s best bet is to invest in a keyword tracking tool.

What Else Is Covered?

Check out the latest Fresh Insights From Fresh Faces episode to learn about:

  • The percentage of ranking factors that are in the control of your senior living marketing team
  • The percentage of ranking factors outside your senior living marketing team’s control
  • The competitive advantages of a consistent, continuous content marketing strategy

If your senior living community is going Incognito, but wants to become more precise with the measurement of its successes, or conversely, recognizing areas of improvement, contact our team. We’ll help your community out of Incognito Mode, and back in the board room with confidence.

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