5 Ways a Rehab can Check if an Email Marketing Campaign is Effective

Has this scenario happened to you? After standing in the checkout line at a grocery store for what feels like an eternity, it’s finally your turn. But you notice that the customer behind you is staring daggers at your cart. Their fixed gaze unsurprisingly makes you feel rushed.

Are rehab marketing teams unintentionally making email inquiries feel rushed by reaching out to them too soon?

Unlike the example at the supermarket, reaching out to prospective intakes before they’re ready can delay a conversion, send them packing to another rehab, or the worst-case scenario – not seek treatment at all. While we want intakes to decide on treatment that correlates with our goals and timeline, that’s rarely the case in real life.

Effective email marketing campaigns nurture leads by providing useful information and resources to prospects during their recovery journey. The interactions your email recipients have with your addiction treatment center throughout the journey will indicate when they’re ready for outreach.

There are ways your rehab marketing team can develop email marketing campaigns to make sure it’s nurturing intakes, and not rushing them. Continue reading and your team will learn:

  • Five questions your treatment center can use to assess its email marketing campaign to determine if leads are getting nurtured to the point of outreach

Question #1: Is my Rehab Incorporating Lead Scoring into my Email Marketing Campaign?

Lead scoring is the methodology of assigning point values to interactions on your website. The points will vary and are weighted based on the actions taken during sessions on your site. For example, a lead that clicks on and reads through your testimonials would be weighted higher than a lead that clicked through to your home page and bounced. Once a lead surpasses your customized score, they’re considered a ‘hot lead’, which is fair game for outreach.

By incorporating lead scoring into your website and applying it to your email marketing campaign, your team will have a cohesive process and model to prioritize outreach. When your sales and marketing teams collaborate consistently to inform lead scoring efforts, it can see closing rates increase by 30 percent.

Some of your email recipients are self educating and need more content to nurture them along their journey. Others are actively engaged with your rehab and might be a conversation or consultation away from receiving treatment. Check open rates, click-through rates, and track downloads within emails and apply them to your lead score. That will help your treatment center determine which leads are nurtured to the point where outreach is appropriate.

Question #2: Are we Segmenting Email Lists?

It’s hard to nurture leads authentically if your treatment center’s email copy is identical for your varying programs. The issues an individual who’s struggling with a methamphetamine addiction will be different than an individual suffering from a heroin addiction. On your website, have your rehab marketing team install fields for each type of treatment program your center offers. That way, site visitors will indicate the type of content they’ll prefer to receive via email.

By segmenting email lists, your rehab marketing team will speak directly to the concerns addressing each unique type of treatment your rehab offers. Conversely, you’ll also cut down on people unsubscribing from your email marketing campaigns. Constant Contact created a poll and asked people why they unsubscribe from emails. 56 percent said they unsubscribed due to content they find irrelevant. Segmented email campaigns nurture leads by offering relevant content specific to each leads needs and interests.

Question #3: Is the Messaging in my Email Marketing Campaign Personalized?

Personalization is the difference between a person speaking to an auditorium audience versus someone speaking directly to you. Impersonal emails may serve the goal of staying top-of-mind with intakes and concerned loved ones, but ultimately, doesn’t nurture leads or build relationships. Salesforce has cited in their blog that 52 percent of email recipients will stop engaging with email content that isn’t tailored to their needs and personalized.

A couple actionable steps your treatment center can take to add a more human element to your email marketing campaign to nurture leads incudes:

  • Adding in dynamic fields to personalize the name of the email subscriber
  • Rotating subject lines and email copy to avoid repetition

Question #4: Is my Treatment Center Mapping Emails to Each Stage in the Buyer Funnel/Intake Journey?

Email is a perfect channel to feature your valuable and helpful content. By segmenting, personalizing and monitoring the lead score, your rehab marketing team will be able to serve content that addresses needs and concerns along each stage in the intake journey.

Mapping this content and matching the need state along each stage in the journey will help your treatment center nurture a bond with struggling addicts and concerned loved ones. To take your email marketing campaign to the next level, send this mapped, segmented, personalized email content on a consistent basis.

Question #5: Are we Sending Segmented, Personalized, Relevant Email Content at Least Once a Week?

As your staff knows, the recovery journey brings different concerns during each stage. Your treatment center should stay top-of-mind from the initial information seeking stage to researching insurance options.

There’s a fine line between being helpful and educational to being overly persistent. Emails delivered on a weekly basis will keep subscribers engaged. This doesn’t force an abrupt interaction. Instead, weekly emails gradually build trust and nurture your leads until they’re ready to be contacted.

Your Email Marketing Campaign can Nurture Leads that Ladder up to Results. Let Our Team Help

Email marketing is just one part of a holistic, sustainable lead generation strategy. Our team has seasoned experience with implementing and coordinating sound strategies to help rehabs make the most out of their digital marketing and lead generation efforts. Contact our team and let’s discuss ways to improve your email marketing campaign and more.

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