Use Photos to Strengthen Your Addiction Center SEO Strategy: 2 Unfiltered Tips

A picture says 1,000 words, so the saying goes, and Digital marketers agree. However, we take the expression a level deeper to aid your addiction center lead generation, on-site seo strategy, and overall visibility.

In this unfiltered look at photo seo for addiction centers, you’ll learn:

  • Three free resources your drug treatment center can use to source images for its content marketing and communications strategies
  • 2 tips so your addiction center marketing team can properly optimize images to improve your rehab center’s visibility

Trusted Sources for Professional and Polished Photos

Original, ‘evergreen’ images are an important part of your marketing strategy. Visibility is key, but you need the right images and approach, so you can appear in Google image searches. Appearing in a Google image search is a lucrative way to be discovered by a prospective intake. But in the world of scant time and resources, where are some trusted places to go that ensure you won’t be drowning in watermarks or stealing someone else’s material? Here are several options your drug rehab center can use (though you’ll need to create your own account):

  1. Flickr
  2. 500 px
  3. Unsplash

2 Tips for an Addiction Marketing Photo SEO Finish

Your addiction center found the ideal image to use in a piece of content or piece of marketing collateral. Now, you’ll need to optimize the image(s) for photo seo best practices, and to assist your addiction center lead generation efforts.

Tip #1: Use Descriptive Keywords with Image File Names: Using descriptive keywords for image file names helps Google understand what the image and content is about before even crawling your site. Try applying keyword-rich file names that provide context into the picture, if it applies to the picture at hand. This will help your addiction center’s photos appear in Google image searches, in addition to maintaining photo seo best practices.

For example, if your addiction center has a great photo of recovering addicts hiking, the file 20180405_154645.jpg doesn’t provide that clarity. Try renaming the image file to addicts-finding-bliss-hiking-in-georgia-2017.jpg. In this case, addicts hiking would be your keyword, and your treatment center will have a greater probability for being found for this or a similar query.

Tip #2: Reduce File Sizes for Faster Page Speeds: Page speed is important regardless of the device someone uses to access your drug rehab site. This is especially true concerning mobile page speeds. Sites without condensed images could suffer from slow loading times, with a prospective addict or loved one bouncing to another treatment facilities site.

Instead of using image files that bloat site speed, make sure to condense images in the following safe formats:

  • JPG
  • GIF
  • PNG

Keep Your Addiction Recovery Images Photo SEO Friendly and Optimized

When optimized, photos have the potential to highlight more than your drug rehab center’s location and staff. The right photo has the potential to aid addiction center lead generation, while driving both users and search engines to relevant content.

Considering Google’s upcoming speed algorithm update in July, it’s best to get ahead of photo seo before it puts a serious damper on intake generation. If your team has any questions about photo seo or needs help finding and optimizing the right image, contact us. Our team will be happy to help where we can.

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